Monday, April 27, 2009

“Pulitzer Chasing - Enligtened Ones" tell us what to do!

"Bula, the record needs to be set this straight (note the Pulitzer Prize winning capable grammar?) on this one - the blog you refer to does not belong to Mike Field. I am the editor of that blog and the name is one that has been coined by several of us here in New Zealand, not just Mr Field. His blog - among others - is listed as a link on our page, that is all. A number of blogs have sprung up in the last few weeks as a result of the recent developments in Fiji and our's is one of them. Good luck to everyone."

Loyal Fijian published this comment under the post titled "Setting the Record Straight" in the interest of fair and balanced reporting.

The author of this comment claims to be the owner of a blog which is taking a lot of interest in Fiji. Fair enough!

But we feel, in fairness to our readers we should give you a closer look at the "New Zealand based journalists" who have suddenly emerged as experts on all matters related to Fiji.

This blog has links to just about every anti-FMF or anti-IG blog that exists, including those that have published bomb making instructions and called for attacks on NZ citizens visiting Fiji. But they don't carry a link to Loyal Fijian.

Tells you a bit about their motivation and their way of thinking doesn't it? Not exactly balanced and impartial, are they?

And why such an interest in Fiji?

If you want to report on race relations, where better to start than in New Zealand. You don't have to go to Fiji to find stories on race relations between "Fijis two major races", as these foreign journalists like to describe our nations demographics.

Have a look in your own backyard! Report on the race relations in New Zealand , why don't you?

You don't have to go to Fiji to find stories on "law and order situation, as these foreign journalists like to describe it. Go and have a look in your own backyard. Report on the law and order situation in New Zealand , why don't you!

Whats that sorry?

Oh, Oh, Sooooorrry!

We need to be told do we? Because you live in NZ , you have a birth right to tell others how wrong everything is in our country. Especially if it is a Melanesian country.

Oh, its like that is it?

The "Pulitzer Chasing - Enligtened Ones" will tell us because we don't have a clue. Right Right!!

Where have we heard that one before?

Theres more, you say! Ok!

Reporting on Fiji makes you feel like a "real" journalist does it? Because no media organisation will employ you, you describe yourself as a "freelancer". In Fiji, we call you "unemployed"!

So, reporting on Fiji makes you feel like you are reporting from a "danger zone", does it? Because you feel totally left out, don't you?

The closest you'll ever getting to being embedded with an American military unit in Iraq, like all the real journalist are doing, is being embedded in your swivel chair in front of your desktop!

So, you feel you deserve a Pulitzer Prize do you? Oh, we get it!! You think this your golden opportunity to bagging an award by reporting on a major crisis! Reporting from/on a danger zone, like you've seen real journalists doing on BBC!

We can just see the headlines "Unemployed, No-Name Wannabe Pretend Journalists Win Pulitzer Prize By Telling Their Melanesian Neighbours What to Do!

Wow! Go for it brother!


Anonymous said...

Loyal Fijian is now officially a phenomenon! Even the NY Times mentioned Loyal Fijian as witty, fun and exciting!

Anonymous said...

A link below to a NZ News story about tourism that was filmed last week in Fiji by a cameraman who slipped into Suva with a small handycam.

Anonymous said...

Hi - thanks for the link to the 3 news story. This is exactly what i wanted to see. The situation looks normal with no soldiers in sight. Better then 1987 from what i can recall. Other blogsites are trying to create a picture of instability in Fiji just by creating alarming bullshit stories.

Rod said...

Hi Loyal - i have just seen the video and i think it is exactly what the Australian media needs to see. Pls do a story just on the video to highlight what the situation is on the ground!! A lot of bloggers may miss the story as it is hidden in the comments.