Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fly on the Wall: The Mole

Cont. from yesterday.....


But anyway, as I mix Brutus is giving his finest impression of Colin Powell. He does rate himself this guy. But I should explain why he is called Brutus in the corridors of this fine Ministry.


Its no secret that Brutus covets the top job, no secret at all. In fact, Im sure that Kissinger knows that too. But what can he do, Brutus is connected! If you know what I mean.


And so, there wages an undercover internal war. Brutus in his bid to out do and usurp power and Kissinger in his bid to keep the upstart at bay. As for the rest of us, we have to decide which side to back in this internal war. Who will get us that most coveted of all things?


An overseas posting.


Thats what all public servants in this fine Ministry are after. 99.9% of our time and effort is directed towards getting an overseas posting.


And I almost got one. Brutus promised me a position in a South Asian country, but then I heard he had also promised the Taliban. I did what anyone would and switched my allegiance to Kissinger. For the 27th time I had switched allegiances. The record is held by Don De Nako, a reported 58 times. No wonder the man made it big.


Brutus talks, Kissinger yawns and the Taliban, well, he has in a spot of bother the poor fellow. You see, someone is leaking information from this fine Ministry to a "bloody F*%*  internet" (some fine diplomatic words by Kissinger) and this guy is the prime suspect.
Mata Hari gives a wink at Brutus. Mata Hari thinks she is tech savvy. It's a running joke in the corridors of this fine Ministry that Kissinger is looking for the mole who is leaking information to the "bloody F*%*  internet" (fine diplomatic words by Kissinger).

 Its a blog. Not the internet. But I wont correct him. No one thinks Im that smart and they dont mind having me aorund when they are discussing sensitive matters. Because one day right after I had dropped a hint that the Taliban might be the mole he looked at me and said " I like haivng you around". Thats how I know.


He did cost me my overseas posting, after all!


And so the mood is tense. The Yagoona group meeting has reached "The Palce you only Go whn Invited" and Kissinger has to give a briefing . Oh boy!

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