Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fiji Travel Advisories not balanced : NZ TV

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Tourists and resort owners in Fiji are questioning travel advisories issued by governments like New Zealand's.

They claim the travel warnings are causing unnecessary harm to Fijian businesses and workers and insist the country is safe to visit.

It has never been cheaper to holiday in Fiji - with cut price flights and accommodation deals, along with a recently devalued dollar.

While there are some who have been influenced by the negative reporting, those choosing Nadi as a holiday destination say they've seen little sign of the promised trouble.

“That's what we'd been warned. Travel agent had said you know don't bring anything valuable, don't take photos at the airport, that kind of thing. But there was no security there,” says New Zealand tourist Sue Scutter.

Australian tourist patricia Smith said authorities are more concerned with journalists than holidaying families.

Even on the streets of Suva, there is little evidence of a military presence, certainly no police with guns on every corner.

Tourist numbers are well down though across Fiji. At this Nadir resort ex-pat Philip Buckleton is blaming countries like New Zealand for his half-empty hotel.

“The negative impact of travel advisories have virtually stopped business, or brought business to a standstill,” he says.

Mr Buckleton says he is a supporter of Bainimarama’s regime and claims the advisories and media reports are painting a one-sided picture.

The New Zealand government's "safe travel" website lists Fiji as "some risk".

While travel agents say it is up to individuals to decide whether it’s a holiday they're happy to take.

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