Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Poets Society : Right Royal Mess

Oh Boy, its all getting a bit sad and very tiring

No ones hiring and everyone's firing


They call it the Global Financial Crisis

Call it what it is, it's a right royal mess up, that's what the Loyal Fijian sees


The Over 55's have been sent home, go home and have a rest

Nothing wrong with that, they were past their best


Old timers are not happy, they are crying and screaming

Get over it, you must be dreaming


Reserve Bank says our foreign reserves are low

Yeah right, tell us something we didn't know


Thank God for our boys in the British Army

Thanks to their remittances, things are a little balmy


Thank you to all of you emigrating and leaving our shore

We are sad to see you go, but can you take some more?


We are in a bit of strife here

We are in a ship that no one knows how to steer


We wonder what is going on, is somebody gazing in a crystal ball?

Is somebody being deliberately led to a fall?


There are those who came to office on the backs of others, they picked the winning side

They have a genuine fear, without the guns behind them , they will need a place to hide


Are these people out of self interest having too much say

Loyal Fijian leaves it to the people to say yay or nay
Isnt it amazing how we do this every time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme
Free Poets Society
No slander
No incitement
No violence
Just FUN and FACTS

Monday, June 22, 2009

Conversations of Jone. Joe and Jaswant : March or Fundraising?

Another Friday evening, and another grog party. In fact, its been while since they've had one. Joe has been unwell and off the grog. Strangely, the moths that were everpresent around the lanterns, are not around tonight. Really strange that, beyond comprehension! Oh wait a minutes.......the mosquito coils burning!


 Jone : Man, after long time, no march for me. Ive been a life long marcher and donor to the Church.


Jaswant : That's good man, because you give, you will get.


Jone : True, bro, I tell you guys, 3 years ago, our talatala said we have to collect half million.


Jaswant : Mate na  $@%^. Half million.


Jone : Yeah, that's nothing man. He said everybody must give.


Jaswant : And?


Joe : And is an adjective, you normally don't use an adjective by itself.


Jaswant : Don't mess with us man, this our style of speaking!


Joe laughs.


Joe : Anyway, some families didn't have much to give and they feel madua.


Jaswant: Of course man, that's bad man.


Joe : So, they take loans, sell their valuables and even put off paying their kids school fees


Jaswant : We never do that in the mandir. We just take the coins and put it in there.
Jone : Don t even start about the mandir man.


Joe : It's a deliberate tactic.


Jaswant/Joe together : What is?


Joe : The fundraising where they announce who collected what. So that people feel embarrassed and feel pressured to give more money/


Jone : But its for the church man. You Kaivalagis are now atheists that's shy you have drugs and what not/


Joe : Where does the money go?


Jone/Jaswant together; Where?


Joe : To human beings like you an me.How much of the money goes to paying salaries ? Have you ever wondered why they want to fundraise every year? They are angry because their salries are about to dry up!
Silence descends on the room.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

FRU Gives up Twickenham Test for Money and game against......... USA

The Fiji Rugby Union once again demonstrated that it has got its priorities right.


In a stunning move that will disappoint all rugby players and followers, the FRU has decided to forfeit the opportunity to play England at Twickenham in November/December of this year.




Because the Australian Rugby Union offered them money and a chance to play……wait for it…..USA. Now Australia will play at Twickenham while Fiji will twiddle their collective thumbs.


That's right.


Haven't these guys got their priorities right?


Money over a chance for the dream of all rugby players, playing at Twickenham as the crowd sings "Swing low sweet chariot…"…..!!


Oh boy!


Isn't this a sign of the times we are in?


No doubt all the rugby players will be disappointed. Instead of testing themselves against the English in front of talent scouts from all the English clubs, they will play USA.


Well done FRU!


How many times have we hear this phrase after every loss and embarrassment, "Five Year Development Plan "


What went wrong, don't worry, we have a Five Year Development Plan "


This shows that he only thing the FRU is worried about is paying the salaries of the administrators. All Fijians need to know what percentage of the FRU budget is chewed up by administrator salaries.


Because only someone afraid of missing their pay can forego a Twickenham test for money and a game against USA.


And how much money FRU?

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ultimate Treachery - Our Soldiers used as Guinea Pigs by British

The Fiji Government must do more to bring the plight of soldiers like Viliame Sigamasa, 71 and Simeli Rokotuibau, 81 to the attention of the British Authorities who used their own soldiers as guinea pigs during the 1950's.

Hundreds of Fijian soldiers were exposed to radiation during the nuclear tests and used as guinea pigs. No treatment was ever made available for the inevitable sickness and suffering that followed.

This was the ultimate betrayal by our former colonial rulers.

But some good news for the families of the exploited soldiers may be on the way if the Fijian authorities can get their act together.

Thousands of British nuclear test veterans are attempting to sue the government for cancers and other illnesses they say were caused by participation in Britain's atmospheric nuclear test programme between 1952 and 1958.

The High Court in London has now decided to allow the veterans to proceed with a class action for compensation. The Ministry of Defence, which has consistently denied responsibility for the men's illnesses, argued that their claim should be struck out under the Limitation Act because they did not sue within three years of injury, or within three years of discovery of injury.

The decision to allow the veterans to sue the MoD for negligence is the culmination of a 50-year struggle for justice.

As many as 27,000 men, including contingents from New Zealand and Fiji, took part in the tests, which began with Operation Hurricane, the detonation of Britain's first atomic bomb in the Monte Bello Islands off the north-west coast of Australia.

The Fiji Government must act to join the class action on behalf of our soldiers so that maybe their families can get some compensation after all these years.

Act now!



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Poets Society : Gods Word

We want to march, like we have done every year

Yeah right, go ahead and try, we will twist your ear


But, we are the Methodist Church, don't you know that

Talk too much and you will run like a rat


Every year we collected millions from the people

Not just 50c or a dollar, for us that wont even cause a ripple


We are talking big money, big amounts of cash

If you don't give , the Talatala might give you as lash


Some people gave us their kids school fees

Whats wrong with that, Church needs money for its various needs


Some who could not afford to give, sold their valuables

For this God will be there in their troubles


Don't mess with us, we have brought down Governments in the past

Don't forget what happens when the die is cast


For we are the voice of God

All the people need is our nod!


Isnt it amazing how we do this every time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme
Free Poets Society


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fly on the Wall : Jemesa Boco

"Well, what have we got" . Nobody speaks before Brutus shifts his weight firmly to his right. Right on cue, I see the Taliban who is sitting next to Brutus take out his handkerchief and pretend as if he is going to blow his nose.


You see when Brutus shifts his weight to his right, it means only one thing. He is going to break wind. And the Taliban after being exposed to the Suvavou WMD on more than one occasion has learnt to be one step ahead.


But if after being exposed to the Suvavou WMD on more than one occasion to the point where his DNA must surely have mutated, he insists on sitting next to Brutus. He is prepared to endure God knows whtat diseases will befall upon him after being exposed to such noxious gases, if he can secure what everyone here at the Ministry of Floundering Affairs is after.


An Overseas Posting.


Noobdy speaks for a while. Its not because nobody has nothing to say but the Suvavou WMD takes a while to dissipate and everyones holding their breath. Everyone except Kissinger. Noxious gases don't affect this aman and that's why Ive thrown my weight behind him. He may not be going anywhere too fast but he can surely send me to where everyone here at the Mini…you get the point….an Overseas Posting.


"No reports from Canberra " says Jemesa Boco, the local  version of James Bond, in his mind at least. Why and how he got that name is a long story and must be left till later. Right now I must tell you what happened next in this meeting of minds in this fine Ministry.


"What" Kissinger is really worried. He puts his head in his hands and says" This time I'm really worried". That's how I know.
"Whats the Pundit doing? Thats why you never send a Pundit to do a mans job"
To be cont.....