Thursday, June 18, 2009

FRU Gives up Twickenham Test for Money and game against......... USA

The Fiji Rugby Union once again demonstrated that it has got its priorities right.


In a stunning move that will disappoint all rugby players and followers, the FRU has decided to forfeit the opportunity to play England at Twickenham in November/December of this year.




Because the Australian Rugby Union offered them money and a chance to play……wait for it…..USA. Now Australia will play at Twickenham while Fiji will twiddle their collective thumbs.


That's right.


Haven't these guys got their priorities right?


Money over a chance for the dream of all rugby players, playing at Twickenham as the crowd sings "Swing low sweet chariot…"…..!!


Oh boy!


Isn't this a sign of the times we are in?


No doubt all the rugby players will be disappointed. Instead of testing themselves against the English in front of talent scouts from all the English clubs, they will play USA.


Well done FRU!


How many times have we hear this phrase after every loss and embarrassment, "Five Year Development Plan "


What went wrong, don't worry, we have a Five Year Development Plan "


This shows that he only thing the FRU is worried about is paying the salaries of the administrators. All Fijians need to know what percentage of the FRU budget is chewed up by administrator salaries.


Because only someone afraid of missing their pay can forego a Twickenham test for money and a game against USA.


And how much money FRU?

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Anonymous said...

I am staggered/stunned/appalled. Filthy lucre in lieu of a Twickenham Test? Nothing more can be said.