Monday, June 30, 2008

Fiji Muslims in Pakistan Madrassas

The news will come as a shock to many, if not all of us.
Pakistans "Madrassas" or fundamentalist Islamic seminaries are home to Fiji Muslims.
The Madrassas of Pakistan are notorious for breeding the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists  who beheaded Daniel Pearl and were involved in the September 11 attacks on United States.
What would any Fiji national have to gain from attending a Madrassa in Pakistan?
These places dont offer education in the fields of mathematics, literature , geography and science.
No, Definitely not.
For the mullahs of Pakistans Islamic Madrassas, mathematics is "haraam". Girls are inferior and dont deserve an education and must never leave their home without a male bodyguard. For crying out loud, these people are trying to spread their message around the world that the testimony of 4 women is equal to 1 man, and a man can have 4 wives! These people want to re-create society the way it was in the 15th Century when Mohammed was alive in the deserts of Arabia and taking 9 yr old girls as his wife.
They have nothing to offer but hatred and detestment of Jews. They burn the bible is these Madrassas as a way of priving their loyalty to the cause.
They brainwash kids to become suicide bombers in these same Madrassas.
What on earth are Fiji Muslims doing in these mad houses?
All day they rock back and forth memorising the Koran, thats right, memorise it by heart otherwise they are punished.
In these same Madrassas you have the future Taliban and Al Qaeda recruits who have the hatred of US and Christians and these Fiji Muslims are sitting side by side with these Islamic throat slitters.
Who sent them there?  Who paid for it? Who else has been there before?
This is a very serious situation that we may have people who have trained in traditional Al Qaeda breeding grounds in our midst.
The fact that these Fiji Muslims are being deported is clear indication that the authorities in Pakistan were forced to act under pressure from Western Governments who have through bitter experience learnt what these Islamic fundamentalists are up to.
p.s The Poet will be back soon he/she tells us/me.The reaction to the Poem published last week was unprecedented. Loyal Fijian will try and respond to your emails as soon as we can.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My brothers friend has done a coup

My brothers friend has done a coup

He has said there is a job for you


He is looking for people to serve in the new IG

Oh my God, Oh my God, I cant believe he will pick me


Oh Lisa Oh Lisa, Don't you worry

You too will be in the money


I will create a new organisation

It will be no work and so much fun


This new organisation I create from scratch

I will call it FICAC


Oh Lisa Oh Lisa, don't you despair, don't you drop your lovely chin

For you I will create a brand new job

You will be the new Manager Admin.


So he thinks he can do what he wants because of his kin

Before long we will have his skin


His thinks his daddy is invincible

He doesn't know how much he is in trouble.


Oh Lisa Oh Lisa, Together we shall be the "A" team

Please Please Don't leave me for him !!!


Monday, June 16, 2008


Australian High Commissioner James Batley said that the Australian Government and in all probability their close allies the Kiwis will not be relaxing the so-called smart" sanctions imposed on people associated with Fiji's interim regime in the wake of the 2006 coup.

This comes after the Australian Navy recruited 8 Fijian navy personnel .
The sheer hypocricy is not lost on anyone.
Australian and NZ are not alone in this however.
The British Army has also said that it will continue to recuit Fijians as the armed forces in Briain are stretched so thin, there are literally thousands of posiitons that cannot be filled.
So where it suits them, its OK. There are no such "smart" sanctions.
Anotehr shocking piece of hypocrisy is in the proposed guest worker program.
The vast majority of people who will gain from this are unemployed or low skilled people. How will denying these people the opportunity to better their lives and do something for their families be described as a "smart" sanctions.

Bit on the other hand, they continue to welcome with open arms the qualified and skilled people who make up for the lanbor shortage in skille dprofessions in their country. Hypocrisy indeed.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fiji Loses Out on Guest Worker Program

Well placed sources have revealed that the Fiji Government's recent history of hostility towards the Australian and New Zealand Governments has denied the thousands of unemployed Fijians a chance to earn some money to feed their families by participating in a guest workers program for workers from the Pacific in Australia and NZ.

Steps such as deporting the High Commissioner of NZ, deporting the publisher of Fiji Times and more recently the death threats sent to the Australian High Commissioner and the refusal by Fiji authorities to allow Australian investigators from assisting in the investigations. Read more here

More than 38% of Fiji population live below the poverty line and with the economy in dire straits, the prospect of new jobs being created locally is very low. That only leaves Fiji Islanders the choice of seeking employment overseas. Thousands have joined the British Army while others risk their lives in countries like Kuwait and Iraq working as drivers and security guards.

A Guest Worker program has been the No.1 item on the wish list of Pacific Island leaders at the Pacific Forum since the days of Ratu Mara. Leaders of countries like PNG, Solomons, Vanuatu and indeed Fiji have asked our wealthy neighbours to let the unemployed in on temporary work visas. Till now this has been denied.

Now that the Australian Government has decided to introduce a Guest Worker program, Fiji will miss out. What a Shame. A Betrayal of the thousands of unemployed people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Under the plan workers from up to five nations - Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati and Tuvalu - will be involved.

But Fiji will be "black-listed" from participating in the trial - a move likely to further inflame relations between Canberra and Suva.

Known as Regional Seasonal Employment (RSE), the scheme has been successfully trialled in New Zealand, with Pacific islanders restricted to working in horticulture and viticulture. Read more here

Monday, June 2, 2008

Training for FMF Officer

The story of the former Lt Col who studied in India and titled his thesis on " The Military, the Government and a Multi-Cultural Society: The Threat of a Coup De-Tat : A Critical Analysis" is the stuff of folk lore.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, who is on a study assignment overseas, is attending a course at the Defence Services Staff College in India . His first task should be to read the thesis which is maintained in the Vamilki College library along with all the thesis prepared by visiting students.

One wonders what topic Lt. Col Tikoitoga will be choosing for his mandatory thesis.

The Defence Service Staff College (DSSC) is one of the oldest military institutions in India. It was set up in India in the year 1905 as the Army Staff College at Deolali (near Bombay). The DSSC is located at Wellington (yes, the British name still persists), in the Nilgiris (literally meaning Blue Mountains), in the trijunction of three Southern states - Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Viewed from the plains, the Nilgiris appear enveloped in a blue haze, and hence its name.

Every student officer carries out research on a given topic relating to military subjects, international relations or important socio-political aspects of national significance. A research paper on the assigned subject is submitted by every officer on the course.

It is customary for foreign student officers of the Staff Course to give a presentation on their respective countries. It normally takes the form of script reading supported by a film, video clips, transparencies and so on. During the presentation, they normally cover the history, culture, political set up, economy, higher defence organisation, broad structure of the armed forces etc. The presentation is for one hour duration.

A delegation from the DSSC was recently in Fiji as part of their Foward Area Tour to understand the challenges and opportunities that exist in the Pacific Rim. India , fast an emerging superpower is now training its sights further afield as it builds up a blue water navy and looks to project its power and counter China's growing influence.

Best of luck to Lt. Col Tikoitoga. Now that Australia had stopped sending invitations to attend the Duntroon Military Colege in Canberra, and the invitations to Sandhurts are far and few in between, the much looked foward to training opportinities and the recipeints have become a significant "talking point" in the Delainabua.