Friday, June 20, 2008

My brothers friend has done a coup

My brothers friend has done a coup

He has said there is a job for you


He is looking for people to serve in the new IG

Oh my God, Oh my God, I cant believe he will pick me


Oh Lisa Oh Lisa, Don't you worry

You too will be in the money


I will create a new organisation

It will be no work and so much fun


This new organisation I create from scratch

I will call it FICAC


Oh Lisa Oh Lisa, don't you despair, don't you drop your lovely chin

For you I will create a brand new job

You will be the new Manager Admin.


So he thinks he can do what he wants because of his kin

Before long we will have his skin


His thinks his daddy is invincible

He doesn't know how much he is in trouble.


Oh Lisa Oh Lisa, Together we shall be the "A" team

Please Please Don't leave me for him !!!



Anonymous said...

Bravo Bravo......Luv It. The original and the best!!!

Semi said...


You guys/girls (and there has to be more than 1) are the best.

Best and only Fiji blog we ever read.

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