Monday, June 16, 2008


Australian High Commissioner James Batley said that the Australian Government and in all probability their close allies the Kiwis will not be relaxing the so-called smart" sanctions imposed on people associated with Fiji's interim regime in the wake of the 2006 coup.

This comes after the Australian Navy recruited 8 Fijian navy personnel .
The sheer hypocricy is not lost on anyone.
Australian and NZ are not alone in this however.
The British Army has also said that it will continue to recuit Fijians as the armed forces in Briain are stretched so thin, there are literally thousands of posiitons that cannot be filled.
So where it suits them, its OK. There are no such "smart" sanctions.
Anotehr shocking piece of hypocrisy is in the proposed guest worker program.
The vast majority of people who will gain from this are unemployed or low skilled people. How will denying these people the opportunity to better their lives and do something for their families be described as a "smart" sanctions.

Bit on the other hand, they continue to welcome with open arms the qualified and skilled people who make up for the lanbor shortage in skille dprofessions in their country. Hypocrisy indeed.

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