Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mubarak gone, Gaddafi going...

The boys are enjoying the national drink. The mood is a bit hard to describe...seems like an air of anxiety mixed with anticipation....confused, well I said it was a bit hard to predict.

Jone: Gunu Jas

Jaswant: Vinaka...(downs the bilo)...Boys, how about the Middle East gang aye? Boy, things sa crazy over there

Joe: Thats right Jas, unprecedented chapter in our history...who would've thought the Arabs want the same things everyone else does (he says this almost as a prompt to the others)

Jone: What you mean?

Joe: We all have same aspirations...

Jaswant: See again, this faller always want to talk va fancy....just say it man (voice raising a bit)

Jone: Yeah man, I know what we all want

Jaswant: Yeah we want no crime, feel safe in house, jobs for everyone, like that

Jone: See, what you mean, you never feel safe before?

Jaswant: But better now, see the paper huh...before everyday robbery, murder what not

Jone: Whats the use if you not.... (doesnt finish sentence...looks arlound as if somebody might be listening)

Jaswant: No what? Huh? Say it ga man?

Joe: (Doesnt say anything, but there is somethinhg playing on his mind)