Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Poets Society : Gods Word

We want to march, like we have done every year

Yeah right, go ahead and try, we will twist your ear


But, we are the Methodist Church, don't you know that

Talk too much and you will run like a rat


Every year we collected millions from the people

Not just 50c or a dollar, for us that wont even cause a ripple


We are talking big money, big amounts of cash

If you don't give , the Talatala might give you as lash


Some people gave us their kids school fees

Whats wrong with that, Church needs money for its various needs


Some who could not afford to give, sold their valuables

For this God will be there in their troubles


Don't mess with us, we have brought down Governments in the past

Don't forget what happens when the die is cast


For we are the voice of God

All the people need is our nod!


Isnt it amazing how we do this every time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme
Free Poets Society



Anonymous said...

Bula and vinaka
Blowing your health on tobacca
Eating only casava
But hey don't you know-a
Drowning your souls in da tanoa

LoyalFijian said...

To person above:


Anonymous said...

Said just like satan would!

Anonymous said...

Beware the big smile and the BULA
Keep a grip on your wallet in SUVA!