Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fly on the Wall : Jemesa Boco

"Well, what have we got" . Nobody speaks before Brutus shifts his weight firmly to his right. Right on cue, I see the Taliban who is sitting next to Brutus take out his handkerchief and pretend as if he is going to blow his nose.


You see when Brutus shifts his weight to his right, it means only one thing. He is going to break wind. And the Taliban after being exposed to the Suvavou WMD on more than one occasion has learnt to be one step ahead.


But if after being exposed to the Suvavou WMD on more than one occasion to the point where his DNA must surely have mutated, he insists on sitting next to Brutus. He is prepared to endure God knows whtat diseases will befall upon him after being exposed to such noxious gases, if he can secure what everyone here at the Ministry of Floundering Affairs is after.


An Overseas Posting.


Noobdy speaks for a while. Its not because nobody has nothing to say but the Suvavou WMD takes a while to dissipate and everyones holding their breath. Everyone except Kissinger. Noxious gases don't affect this aman and that's why Ive thrown my weight behind him. He may not be going anywhere too fast but he can surely send me to where everyone here at the Mini…you get the point….an Overseas Posting.


"No reports from Canberra " says Jemesa Boco, the local  version of James Bond, in his mind at least. Why and how he got that name is a long story and must be left till later. Right now I must tell you what happened next in this meeting of minds in this fine Ministry.


"What" Kissinger is really worried. He puts his head in his hands and says" This time I'm really worried". That's how I know.
"Whats the Pundit doing? Thats why you never send a Pundit to do a mans job"
To be cont.....





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