Thursday, April 16, 2009

Devaluation, thats a big word!

Oh my my my, what an eventful week it has been

Only three times before (is it 4?) anything like this have we seen


Where to start, where to begin

Its all a blur, nothing seems to work, not even the Gordons Gin


Easter Friday, like any other, dug the lovo, mixed the waka (a mild traditional narcotic)

Was jolted to see the neighbours, kids and all, running to get into their car


Whats the matter? Whats the fuss?

Run they said or else you will miss the bus


Turn on the radio, Lo and behold, there we go again

Its another coup, back where it all began


Relax I said to Bubu, we've seen this before

Just spin the grog, what is it now, coup no. four?


The newspaper said they cant print what they want

The censor said you cant just go on and publish your rant


Saw on TV, the ABC news reporter given his marching orders

Off you go, go on, go along now, over the borders


It suits no one to have a media hobbled and lame

Don't shoot the messenger, just get better at the game


Then came the news about the devaluation

Now thats a big word, came as a shock to the entire nation


We pay more for our imports, more for oil, powdered milk and just about anything else

To the poor man, this does not make sense


The business man rubs his hands with glee,

His family with all his money had already fleed


Lets wait and see what happens next, ears and eyes open, be sharp as a tack

Beware the ides of April, be sure to watch your back!


Isnt it funny, how we do this every time

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme
Free Poets Society


Jonathan said...

loyal fiji is amazing, it truly is. Its not only the best fiji blog by far, but also gaining as one of the most widely read worldwide.

Noob said... with Jon, and with reference to the link above, and the fact that LF seems to have an insider knowledge of certain facts, I was wondering if LF could clarify the statement made on the RFN site about the claimed decree which is supposed to take away the land rights of Fijians.

I seriously doubt any sane govt. whether military or civil would take the risk of revoking all Fijian owned property? Would it not be like jumping out of the saucepan and into the fire? The consequences of such an action will only lead to one possible outcome: a massive civil riot where Fijans will take down every Indian in sight and probably burn the entire city down in one day.

The RFN site mentions the same article twice as if to spur the anger of the native Fijians and get them to act against the govt. of the day. While this is not an uncommon tactic from such a degrading site, the question still remains as to whether or not the issue being discussed is a lie or not and if it is true, then can the people of Fiji expect some sort of uprising in the coming days?

Honestly, I don't think we can sustain another battering of any form of unrest. Our dollar is severely devalued and our economy is teetering on the brink of a major liquidity crisis and a total collapse in the near future. What is perhaps exacerbating the situation is the fact that sites such as RFN and SV are being used as references by news websites such as the biased NZ Herald and Sydney Morning Herald which purports to know more about our country then we do. The assumption by these "white boys" that the only way to solve Fiji's current situation is by launching an all out military assault against the RFMF and possibly killing the Commander in the process is laughable. I really don't understand why countries such as Australia and New Zealand are finding it such a heartache to leave Fiji alone and let the country resolve its issues in its own ways of traditional and modern approaches.

LF's site is unique in the sense that it discusses issues rationally without bias. I think it's quite refreshing to come across a site such as this which looks at issues and provides solutions which are open to fair debates all with the hope of helping this nation move forward.

I hope LF will take the time to analyze the comments made on the RFN and SV sites which are stating that Fijians no longer own any land as per the new decree and provide a suitable response.

Tony Liu said...

Fiji expels New Zealand, Australian envoys

Fiji's military leader Frank Bainimarama has ordered the Australian and New Zealand envoys to leave within 24 hours over alleged interference with Fiji's judiciary.

''I have told the minister of foreign affairs to issue communications to the Australian and New Zealand governments that their respective heads of missions are to be recalled within 24 hours,'' Bainimarama said in a televised address.

''I have also informed them our high commissioner in Australia is to be recalled with immediate effect,'' he said.

Australia and New Zealand have been at the forefront of condemnation of Bainimarama since he toppled Fiji's elected government in a December 2006 coup.

Bainimarama accused both countries of ''a consolidated effort to attack Fiji's independent judiciary'' over alleged attempts to block Fiji judges traveling through Australia and New Zealand.

Both countries have travel restrictions on figures associated with the military regime.

Bainimarama said the heads of Australia and New Zealand's diplomatic missions in Fiji had refused to engage with the government.

''They misinform Canberra and Wellington and wage a negative campaign against the government and people of Fiji,'' he said.

''It is my government's duty to ensure that no foreign government should interfere with such judicial independence and integrity. We must always protect and be proud our sovereignty.''