Friday, June 22, 2007

"Deprive FMF Soldiers of Food and Supplies.."say Fiji HATE blogs

Those of you who have been following the independent news ( not the biased dribble coming out from some so-called journalists), you would have read that certain elements are now calling for terrorist action against tourists and tourism infrastructure.

Yes, TV NZ and Michael Field ( who was deported recently) have both written scathing reports on certain HATE blogs which have called for violence against innocent tourists as a means of returning to power. Read it here.

Michael Field reported yesterday that the HATE blogs have gone to the extent of providing instructions for making explosives which can be used against tourist buses and tourist themselves.

Did the biased Fiji media report on these open incitement to terrorism. No.

A note to Fiji One TV.

Loyal Fijian is NOT PRO-MLITARY. This is a deliberate and planned attempt to try and malign our reporting.

WE are PRO-TRUTH and will expose HATE-MONGERS.

Fiji One and other news outlets described the HATE blogs which are now openly calling for violence against civilians as PRO-DEMOCRACY.

Wait a minute. Since when is providing instructions on building bombs and attacking tourists pro-democracy.

HATE blogs now openly spreading hatred, call for soldiers to be deprived of food and supplies, and calling for the "slaying" of Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi.

The hatred spewing from this site is shocking. Inciting acts of violence against FMF and IG officials . MOST disturbing is the planned campaign against Fijis economic infrastructure.

Some of the comments on these HATE BLOGS are re-produced here:

Vayeshnoi Attracts More Potential Slayers
June 21st, 2007

Vayeshnoi, one of Mahen Chodo’s pet sucker has finally made his grand appearance since taking his illegal oath in the presence of the ailing and frailing puppet Pressie.

Destabilise the Economy & Frank's Coup Clux Clan will FALL NATURALLY
June 21st, 2007

That is why the economy is key. The RFMF uses 1 million dollars in operational costs every week. Its budget is 80 million per year. That money comes out of the funds generated by the economy. Destabalise the economy and you destabalise the regime and its millitary.

You make the soldiers run around and the regime has to overspend on its budget to try to maintain security. You will succeed in economically destroying the regime and removing it.

June 19th, 2007

The point is simple. Detstablise the country. Make it ungovernable. Every act of resistence you engage in makes its difficult for the regime to govern and stay in control.

The government is economically unstable, so your objective should be to completely detsbalise that economic fulcrum because that is its weak point.

WARNING TO READERS: HATE blogs are using tracking code on their websites. If you go to these sites be sure to use anonymising software. Numerous people have been named on the site using information obtained through tracking code.



Anonymous said...


The blogs which started out for totally different reasons have been hijacked by extremists.

I wont be going to those blogs anymore.

Anonymous said...

HATERS will never get anywhere.

Thats the last thing we need in Fiji, hate peddlers.

Whast the Police doing about this?

Anonymous said...

Another excellent article.

Great work LF. No wonder when I go t work every work day, first thing people talk about is "Have you read the latest from LF"?


Anonymous said...

Incredible hatred.

They have to be STOPPED.

No fair minded Fijian will evr go to those sites again.

Anonymous said...

They hae just signalled the beginning of the end for themselves...

No Fair minded Fijian believes this stupidity...its just nutcases that want attention.

They are irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Sheer madness.

What about the thousands of Fijians who work in the hotels?

This will only hurt Fijians, this is sheer madness by some deranges lunatic.

Anonymous said...

This perosn or whoever they are,do not have support of any Fijian living in Fiji.

This is only hot-air from stow-aways and overstayers overseas.


Anonymous said...

Do us a favor and stay where you are ...kuni lesu mai o are unwanted...

You think yiu can con Fijians with this bull....

яεѕιѕт RFC admin said...

don't worry - no right thinking person of fiji will even think twice about trying any of the stupid things suggested by the hate sites