Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jioiji Kotobalavu in Canberra

Jioji Kotobalavu , the former Chief Executive in the Prime Ministers Office has been making the rounds in Canberra, Australia .

According to Radio Australia, Mr Kotobalavu was in the Australian Capital as a speaker at a seminar organised to study the developments in Fiji during the past 12 months.

Mr Kotobalavu was one of only 2 people who were willing to go on record as having "raised concerns" about the Interim Governments" plans on formulating a new electoral roll and plans for returning the country to parliamentary democracy by 2010.

Readers of this blog will know that we had reported on moves by former regime types to activate a group knows as the Overseas Coordination Committee (O.C.C)(Read previous blogs). The purpose of this group is to coordinate Fijians living overseas in an effort to organise resistance back in Fiji to the IG.

When you consider that the likes of Lt Col Filipo Tarakinikini are residing overseas and are believed to be playing a central role in collecting funds, materials and recruiting Fijians into this effort, this makes for a very volatile situation.

Would Mr Kotobalavu's presence in Australia have anything to do with the O.C.C , we wonder?



Anonymous said...

Where is Filipo Tarakinikini anyway?

Bring him back to face justice.

Anonymous said...

LoyalFijian, great insightful news and reserach.

Fijilive is now reprting about Travel Advisory,a direct copy and paste from Melb Hearld.

And they call themselevs journalists. What a joke.

яεѕιѕт RFC admin said...

keep up the great effort - please keep the readers informed of any developments about the issue discussed in this article

Anonymous said...

Tarakinikini and others like him are not cowards like Voreqe, Driti & Ului who assault women and defenseless citizens of Fiji who are obviously worshipped by the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

Joji is an asshole. He was a Qarase bootlicker and now that he has got the kick, he is just trying to be a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

Lets resist this illeagle regime and show the muslims their true place

Anonymous said...

Well loyal fijian if u claim to be fair on the news how come you dont report matters such people that died in the soldiers hands and police even one died today again.. You sound like you just attacking the previous goverment and your not being fair to your reports.. Wot about the people who a being abuse? You never mention anything with them.. You not a loyal fijian and yes you a lukewarm in Gods hands and u will sooon be vomitted out together with this current regime soon..

Anonymous said...

This site is run by Indians they are a second class citizen in this country, they will eventually leave for India in a not so distant future.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is second class citizen of this country block head. That type of thinking brings woes into the country as you have seen in the last 20 yrs dick head. As for the death it is still in the police and DPP's hands. Loyal Fijian keep up with good work. Your reporting is fair, just and reliable than any other site. As for Tarakinini I wouldn't mix around with this guy when my girlfriend is around cause he is a woman stealer. I wouldn't want to be led by a womaniser wat say ?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the scar on Tarakinikinis face?

The only woman a fuck face like that can steral is my dogs wife...Blackie

Anonymous said...

This site include numerous correspondents. I know one blogs from Basra.....

Enough said.

Na mae Na mae

Anonymous said...

Fijian surpremist too are we? Wow that's another side to the egotist.

Anonymous said...

Fire Tavale Joji, very soon the house of cards will be no more.

Anonymous said...

House of cards are here to stay and there's nothing that anybody can do about it and not even ur tavales and uncles from Lau. Just go back to your islands and help your people who are struggling in the villages. RRFC that was Qarase's family home before his grandmother met the Jew and improved her lot in life and the grandson pilled the loot from national coffers to build his "castle" in the village. Veiqati tiko vei koya. Me sa buli ga yani me Tui Nayau...tu mai vei kawa ca! leab muria tiko nomu i yatu kawa ni kai Idia o iko..shame on this couple of supposedly championing the cause of the indigenous Fijians when they are biggest hypocrites of all time. One is a part Jew and one if a part Indian so where do they get all their racism from, one is allowed to ask. LOL.LOL.LOL. Da sa mai daini waiauwe fakapo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ovisa vesu!!!! Please even a woman like Miri vomitted him out after that farcical PR campaign to make a certain lover in the US who knows better jealous. Little Chinamen and another part Fijian whose making noises when their house of cards promoting pro-Fijian policies came tumbling down. Who are you kidding? Go Frank and IG and cleanup wot you can and start from this man who allowed immorality to seep into the PM's office during his tenure there.

Anonymous said...

To anon @10.44pm: Vesu mada ga yani o iko, at least Joji can travel freely unlike some of your friends in Fiji...LOL. This man has served Fiji well from the Mara era till today,he has earned some credit don't you think?

As for Miri, she is a known social-climber and does sleeps around.

Anonymous said...

Your post reeks of racism too, Anon @10.10pm...How little you know of LQ. He maybe guilty of corruption( and so were other past/present Fiji leaders) and not doing anything about it in his tenure as PM, but he has no designs to Tui dis and dat.

Honestly, I'd rather see someone else but a Lauan be the next PM, Mr Krishna Datt or Mr Radike Qereqeretabua are a good choice. Sa laurai vakalevu na veiqati vei ira na Lau...ra veitauri kau.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 10.10PM, JUNE 7th:

Maybe this can knock you out of you reverie(..alas, your house of cards).

Please read Gerry Werner's letter to the editor Fiji Times of June 9...

The establishment of the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption provides clear evidence that the interim regime ignores the 1997 Constitution.

It ignores other legislation and regulations such as proper accreditation procedures for lawyers.

The military, at the same time, tramples on basic human rights hiding behind emergency regulations that suggest there is a security threat.

Instead of being up-front and declaring a military dictatorship the illegal military government attempts to hypnotise the international community and donors through legal smokescreens to make them believe that law and order is upheld.

At the same time lawyers, journalists and virtually anybody who is not willing to praise the military government is intimidated by thugs using gestapo methods.

Fiji’s only hope now is that the international community stands firm and insists on an early election and a return to democracy.

I am sure the taxpayers in the European Union do not condone dishing out aid to a military junta that has repeatedly broken its promises to stop human rights violations.

The real threat to Fiji is a bunch of self-proclaimed saviours and embittered losers who seem to enjoy watching how the economy nosedives.

One thing is for sure: Fiji’s courts will have a lot of work to do to end the coup culture for good.

Gerry Werner

Anonymous said...

I'd say US and UK actions on extraordinary rendition of EU citizens from their own streets, closely fits the definition of Gestapo than anything the Fiji Army did.

Anonymous said...

Dadadadada...whatever. Remember that countries can bleat till they suffocate but the "house of cards" that you despise so much is here to stay and nobody can do nothing about that. Qarase was given his chance to make a difference and he didn't' because he was so sure that nobody could touch him hiding behind the law.

The military has its own jurisdiction and acts within the sovereignty of the country it serves so there! No overseas country can come to your aid unless of course you are either already abroad or you can get a visa (if you don't already have one) with the Embassies shutting down when mayhem rules.

Then you can F off to whereever you wish to go while the helpless people will be trapped here so just shut your traps and stop creating problems.

I almost feel sorry for your school of thinking gang. There is the law and then there is the spirit of the law and if you antagonise the military enough they just might do what they should have done from day 1 which is to abrogate the Constitution as Rt Joni has said and where will that leave the two of us?

With no internet let alone an office or home to internet from coz the thugs will then have a field day. No communication which is what they will do first. Cut off comms as a means to immobile the masses which will mean you and I won't have internet anymore for our posts unless of course you're overseas and then you're gonna have to talk on your own then aye?

Blackout from Fiji it will be. No fones, no internet and nothing but a slow decline and resign back to the village where Qarase has taken the lead. Nice scenario isn't it?

Keep blogging and antagonising the military and don't blame anyone if that happens and if you're an anti-military person than don't say I didn't warn you.

This people mean business and sad to say but unless you have a better idea, please do not say anything. Stay blessed.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6.35 and 6.53

You mean Joji (ahem) K??? he has had it all hasn't it? Sorry if he's a relative of yours but maybe be will be the next one that gets to go run around the field next when he comes back to Fiji.

The racism that reeks in the RFC site is what needs to be countered. We should all avoid racism if we need to move forward as there are many among us who are not full-Fijian who are championing Qarase's pro-Fijian policies.

Joji does what he's paid to do and that is to serve government unfortunately he did not stay apolitical like any seasoned civil servant would do but got into the political fray in that Qarase vs Military affair. He has a huge ego and thot he was smarter than anyone else in politics.

I must say the Fiji government has also been good to him in recognising his efforts. He has reached his used by date and it's time for him to step aside, retire gracefully and let the IG do its job.

I don't know that woman Miri who he was engaged to but I do know that she was astute and smart enough to recognise that he was using her for a PR campaign to promote himself. Joji was not leadership material when he was running around and cheating on his wives. He does not have my vote.

As for Qarase, he does not have my vote either because he is not only a thief but also a liar and he has shown that he will do anything to save himself and keep afloat of the refuse, some of whom have landed in gaol for helping him in power. Only time will tell and Go Frank!!!! Cleanup and finish your job.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5.56am...

I meant LQ as in Lai Qarase, 'went to school with one of his kids. 'Actually believe him to be the humblest of men.

Joji is doing what he believes in and if it means doing the rounds in the field then so be it. Someone's ought to stand up for the silent ones.

My children are only half-Fijian but it doesn't mean I'll throw my weight behind the actions of 5/12. I'm all for the upholding of the rule of law.

There's two sides to a coin... n you're damn right, 'Only time will tell...

Anonymous said...

To the above poster. Thank you for your patience and I apologise if I may have offended you in any way. What I am trying to say is that the military could save itself by completely abrograting the Constitution and in doing so save itself. Then there will be no law with which to work for or military law and this will mean we get shunned by the international community and become a pariah state (forget for real the overseas aids) and a soaring crime infested society where unlawlessness will thrive. This is the worst case scenario...although the military has its guns, they cannot police and keep everyone safe in Fiji and eventually factions will start to bring in their own weapons and we have a situation of militiamen sprouting up in every corner of this country and then what happens? You people living abroad were not here in 2000 to see what Fiji was sliding into. There is going to be bloodshed and I can tell you this. Once bloodshed begins, there will be no stopping the massacre that will ensue and God Bless Fijians when this happens. We seem to forget that these things are happening at our front doors in East Timor, SE Asia and even the Solomons so Fiji has to tread very carefully now. My point is that to continue antagonising the military and blogging against them, making fun of leaders as the WFC is doing, it is not only irresponsible but it's like waving the proverbial red flag in front of a bull and for those of you overseas who are doing this. Please stop becasue while you will sit in comfort in your homes, we in Fiji will suffer as people are already suffering now. We must remember that those soldiers are only humans and they also have pride, feelings, emotions and your blogs are infuriating them and making monsters out of their officers. Fiji is at a very critical stage right now and I am afraid that adopting a confrontational and negative attitude at this time could spell either a smooth transition or more ominous events, so which ones would we prefer? Military law or semi-democratic rule? Think people and right now everything is in their hands to turn this country either way.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.05pm...

I can't speak for the other bloggers however, let me remind you the situation in Fiji is uniquely our own and I hate the parallels made with East Timor and all.

The moment the first civilian died at the hands of the military, they were deemed to have gone too far and that is what I'm afraid of. That's who I am speaking up for...the silent ones like Rabaka and Verebasaga.

As King Arthur said to his people...'Do not be silent and never ever surrender.'

I sincerely beg to differ.

Be well

Anonymous said...

To person who had this to say "Indians are second class citizens". This is an Indo-Fijians reply:

From Class 1 to Form 7, how many Fijians came first in my class? NONE.

Thats right, Fijians are so dumb they the only times a Fijian can ever come 1st in class is id they go to a Fijian school LOL.

Dumb inferior creatures, you were eating each other less than 50 yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

Please do away with racism. We are being sidetracked and have more important issues at hand to debate over then the easy way out of race and religion. To the anon who says that we can't draw parallels to other nations in the region who have undergon bloody unheavals ...could you please kindly explain why you think that Fiji can't and won't turn out the way those countries have? I would be really interested to know and would care for some enlightment on this matter. Thank you kindly and look forward to your prose. Vinaka