Monday, June 11, 2007

SDL strategy leaked

The SDL Party has announced what observers feel is a significant part of a grand strategy to overthrow what they believe is an illegal regime.

The Party through its director Peceli Kinivuwai has announced that they "will be putting up a good fight" in assisting the Great Council of Chiefs court court case against the interim regime. The hearing has been tentatively scheduled for June 29.

Lets face it, this hardly comes as a surprise to any Fijian. The whole country is waiting for the "opposition" to do something.

With this announcement, the SDL strategy, until now kept under wraps, is now beginning to become clear.

There are 3 main components of the SDL strategy. This is divided into Direct Action, Legal Action and Public Campaign through the media and internet .

  • Activate the Overseas Coordination Committee (O.C.C) under the Moto ni Vanua (Spear of the Nation). Lt Col Filipo Tarakinikini and Isikia Savua have been assigned overall strategic command and will undoubtedly draw from their experience in the military. It has been a long held suspicion in the security establishment that Lt Col Filipo Tarakinikini has been in regular contact with SDL functionaries.

Fijians will remember in 2006 when an ex-FMF soldier arrived from Israel to meet with Laisenia Qarase and offered the services of Hashmira, an Israeli private security firm which has Fijian,Russian and ex-Shin Bet and Sayeret ( operatives in its service. Was he acting on his own?

Isireli Leweniqila and members of the business community ( name withheld pending verification: Editor) who frequently travel overseas on business as cover have been assigned positions in the O.C.C as Fiji based coordinators to channel funds and messages through to the leadership.

  • Engage the IG in a legal battle through the Courts. This will be the precursor of planned public demonstrations. The GCC will be used as a cover to bring people out onto the streets. This is what Qarase was referring to in his last televison interview before fleeing when he said " The demonstration will overwhelm them."

  • The third component of the strategy is to create a perception of wide spread abuse by the FMF . A significant part of this campaign is to creat a a divide between Comm Bainimarama and his senior staff. Attempts were made by some to try and recruit Col Joela Baledrokadroka and then Pita Driti to achieve this. These efforts are to be stepped up.

An inherent part of Part 3 of the "Resistance" strategy is to paint the IG as a Mahendra Chaudhry enterprise. Bring Chaudhry out into the open where he can be engaged. Divide and Conquer.

Details on leadership of the Moto ni Vanua and O.C.C are a closely guarded secret. The isolation of Laisenia Qarase has meant that communicating has been an issue for the organisers to put their plans into practice.

Will June 29 change all that?

Certain documents have been passed on to LoyalFijian including a letter carried by a high level organiser to a Middle East country recently. We are debating whether to publish this.