Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tevita Malasebe

Posted by Oceania Correspondent

Tevita Malasebe died while questioned by police officers in relations to a series of violent robberies in Suva and Nausori earlier this week.

The Acting Commissioner of Police has stated the 8 persons of interest have bee identified.

All those of us who believe in justice look forward to a fair inquiry to determine what the facts are. The incompetent journalists that we have have too often fed the Fiji Islanders half truths and biased news.

Was Malasebe involved in an organised crime gang? Was he resisiting arrest and as a result a scuffle ensued and he sustained injuries? Could more adequate medical care have been provided?

What we need is the truth and impartial account of what happened.

No one should ever die in the custody of those whose duty is to protect and serve.

No matter which side of politics you are on, all reasonable Fijians will condemn the actions of those that led to the death of Tevita Malasebe.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Loyal.

You are truly the ONLY independent news site.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I luuuurrrrvvvv your site more than ever before.

You truly are the LoyalFijian.

Anonymous said...

Thank you LF...for this one post

Anonymous said...

The message that goes out in the recent deaths in Fiji...stay away from drugs and mind enhancers This is public enemy #1 of the militia. Do not engage in any criminal activities or even think about it. Do not engage in any anti-military activities. Do any of the above and you will cop it! Keep your head low and go about your daily business in a quite manner. Very simple. We're not living in normal times and for those idiots who think we do, THINK AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting this. You are not seen as biased..good balanced reporting...

Anonymous said...

Way to go LoyalFijian...please blog on and bring to us the real and only truth. Bravo