Monday, June 4, 2007

Ricardo Morris - Explained

As Chief Editor, I feel a clarification is necessary.

One of our contributors, LoyalFijian had revealed the faces behind the HATE Blogs in an email sent to several people.

The email had simply stated that the person behind was Ricardo Morris.

This is CORRECT as Mr Morris in his reply acknowledged:

yes I own the domain name -there's nothing up there at the moment.

There was no reference to any other blog. Whether Mr Morris is actively involved in the HATE blogs or not, is not an issue for us. Whether Mr Morris has been extending moral or technical support to the de-stabilisation campaign is for likes of Inspector Nasir Ali to find out.


This news blog will only publish news items after verification for truth and accuracy.
Readers will find that to be a nice change from the half truths available on some other HATE blogs.

And a big Vinaka vaka levu to all of you who have written in, literally hundreds of you.


Anonymous said...

Well done guys. You blokes and gals deserve a pat on your backs.

яεѕιѕт RFC admin said...

great stuff... more more!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice how male hate bloggers all share one thing in common? Maybe it's this common trait that brings out the worst in males. They are all homosexuals or at least closet ones. Bhahahahaha! Oh rite it is their rights to practise same sex that this IG would infringe upon which is making them so antagonistic. They just have a natural resentment for male authority.

Anonymous said...

Please can you profile Ricardo Morris.
Who is he? Where is he from?
Background stuff etc......