Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sup Nasir Ali , get things going plse

Reports that "The Fiji Police Force's accounts office was searched by officers from the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption ", played out quite prominently in the media last week.

And guess what, nobody even bothered to tell the Acting Police Commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca .

Now all of us here at Loyal Fijian stand firmly against corruption and nepotism.

As we all remember, Nasir Ali was chucked out of the Police Credit Union for alleged discrepancies before the Clean Up began.

Now as Chief Investigator in FICAC he does seem to be pursuing certain individuals with a whole lot of vigour.

Senior Police Officer Sada Nand found this out the hard way last week as he was about to board a flight out of Nadi International Airport.

And to add to the confusion, Acting Police Commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca said that police investigators are still waiting for Ali to give his statement to back his allegations.

Sup Nasir Ali, please can we have some real investigating. Those 370 files on your desk that you keep telling us about might be a good place to start.

The longer this goes on, the more people start suspecting that there is some "score-settling" going on.



Anonymous said...


With this post you have established yourself as the only independent and impartial Fiji blog.

Way to go LF.

Anonymous said...

Whats Nasir Ali doing anyway?

370 files and no charges, hs doing Chaudhry and his boys more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

Good reporting Loyal.

Way to go. Your blog is now quoted on many international nes services.

Anonymous said...

Damn right, abou time too.

Anonymous said...

Theres more evidence her on LF than Nasir and his cronies will ever get.

If they have any sense they'll satrt with Mark Textor/SDL connection.

But thats way too hard for them.

Anonymous said...

Way to go LF.

Incredible blog

Anonymous said...

i thought the sole reason they were set up was to investigate the ministers of the sdl govt?

Anonymous said...

Good going Loyal...i share the same sentiments as you. Just read on fijivillage "Outgoing Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption Chief Investigator Nazir Ali"..
Outgoing? can anyone tell me where he is headed?