Monday, June 25, 2007

CRW soldier reveals Explosive new Details:Takaivekata wanted Deputy PM

Mr Inoke Takaivekata walked free today after being released by the Fiji Court of Appeal. Whether Rt Takaivekata is guilty or not is for the courts to decide.

But lets look at a few facts as to how we got here. And what better place to start than the protege of Rt Inoke Takaivekata, the mutineer and deserter Filipo Tarakinikini.

The following is an eyewitness account of a CRW soldier who was in the Parliament complex and the in the mutiny.

It was sent to me by a family member of the CRW soldier who is now convinced they were used by the likes of Filipo Tarakinikini and Rt Inoke Takaivekata.

You will read that Rt Inoke Takaivekata who was released today was believed to be coverting an appointment as Deputy PM in a Government headed by Isikia Savua.


Lt. Col Filipo Tarakinikini always encouraged the soldiers who had joined the terrorists and occupied the Parliamentary Complex where the elected government was held hostage for 56 days.

"The military under Filipo Tarakinikini had supported the terrorists' actions and had provided food and weapons to the terrorists.Lieutenant Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini, met them at the parliamentary complex on several occasions during the hostage crisis to express their support".

Tarakinikini has now been employed by the United Nations in its Peacekeeping Department. His appointment follows a letter by regime's Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase to the UN Secretary General saying that Tarakinikini was cleared of the charges against him.

It was later revealed that Qarase had lied to the UN.Other affidavits of the rebel soldiers reveal that the military had ordered soldiers to hide arms and ammunitions in the jungles of Nabukavesi, Namosi and Balenabelo.

The terrorists claimed some support in these areas. They also stated that food was supplied to the soldiers on the Parliamentary Complex from the military, and that the parliament `guard duties' were organised by the military.

The revelations confirm earlier reports that a section of the military, led by Filipo Tarakinikini, Ulaiasi Vatu and Etuweni Caucau, amongst others, were working for the terrorists from within the military.

Initially the plan was for Tarakinikini to be made the Commissioner of Police; Vatu the Military Commander, Police Chief Isikia Savua the Prime Minister,Rt Inoke Takaivkata the Deputy PM and former PM Sitiveni Rabuka the President.

The military has still not been able to rid itself of officers who have violated their oaths of allegiance to uphold law and order in Fiji.

In affidavits sworn to support their case for their release, they stated that the military had supported the terrorists' actions and had provided food and weapons to the terrorists.



Anonymous said...


LF , You are the only Fiji site I visit.

Thanks for the fearless reporting.

Anonymous said...

Amazing exposes LF.

Thanks to you we are getting the information we have been denied truth.

Anonymous said...

Takaivekata is a thief and inciter.

He incited the mutiny. He belongs behind bars the crook.

Anonymous said...

I think Takaivekata was safer behind bars.

There are 4900 soldiers who still remeber the death of their comrades in the mutiny.

Anonymous said...

All these allegations that Rt Inoke and the military are on opposite ends are lies and nothing can be further from the truth. Rt Inoke was involved with the CRW boys not as an inciter but as a chief who was concerned about the welfare of the men who he knew were being used for a larger agenda.

He stopped his people from being used as pawns in the mutiny at camp in 2000. The military knows this and it has nothing against this chief. He's a chief who can think for himself and make up his own decision based on his heart and intuition.

People will remember that he spoke from prison about not supporting the Naitasiri stand against the IG and the military. He's out now and some heads are sure going to roll this time when he assists FICAC in bringing down those who were REALLY involved in plotting against government and the military.

Those spies within the IG are being tested on this one and just a matter of time before they get caught. Ratu tekivu vou tale..o ira na kabiti kemuni tiko qori era kemuni meca tiko vakabibi vei ira na kai Naitasiri dra rua.

Anonymous said...

I think you should get your facts was Bainimarama that instigated the coup of 2000 and not Filipo Tarakinikini!

Anonymous said...

He should go in. He has blood on his hands.....remember the mutiny??

Anonymous said...

C'mon open your eyes and see the Bainimarama saga unfold. The undeniable facts are that the military took part in all these coups. The 2000 coup alone was talked about for quite sometime. Lt Col Seruvakula is on record to have said " I had my men armed and we were waiting for the inevitable to happen" What does that mean? It means that the miltary knew and Seruvakula himself knew. Did he alert the Commander? Sure he did? What did Bainimarama do? He conveniently went abroad ala Nailatikau in 1987!!

The 2006 coup is all about Bainimarama saving his skin. The noose was closing in on him...he knows that he has blood on his hands and that he will have to face the justice.

All this notions about Fiji and its future are lies. The guy is not capable of any meaningful original thought. He just plainly and simply doesnt have it. All this things are just for his own safety. The Chaudhry of this world are mere oppportunists taking advantage of the situation to gain power they cannot get through the ballot.

Am i the only 1 to see the contradictions that are now coming from the interim regime. Originally they took over because of many cases have they got...barring some minor office abuse etc there is really no evidence. In came the charter. So now they took over because they want a new order..the charter which the military is claiming is theirs. Is it really theirs? Perhaps they shoulod tell us who in the military can string a few english words coherently together to come up with this document?

The Charter is the brainchild of the Labour Party, in particular John Samy who incidently authored the manifesto of the Labour Party in 1987. C'mon we are no fools.

Why has'nt there been a ruling on the constitutional legal challenge thus far? It is all part of Bainimarama's ploy. Everything will be left in suspense so as to keep him and his five-eighth AG in control. It brings about a situation of paralysis. Here is a list:

1 Tarakinikini has never been charged to this charges laid but he is still under investigation..for how long?

2 All the colonels who reported that he was planning coup have been suspended or supposedly one was charged, some have resigned and one or two still remain. An accusation as serious as that warrants dismissal and a court martial...nothing happened. And by the way they were proven right he staged a coup.

3. Baledrokadroka falls into 2 above ...his court martial is not going anywhere as he too was proven right..

4 The legal has been months no judgement. Why because they are still working out what to do with the judiciary which is totally compromised

5 the muders of Rabaka and Verebasaga in the hads of the military is still under investigation..although 1 soldier has been charged for the Verebasaga murder as a face saving job. The perculiar things here is that all other murders in this period have been solved one way or another, even the ones involving the police except the ones in thye military hands.

6 the investigation on the CRW deaths now 8 years on is still on-going. Whenever they get close Bainimarama will do something to deviate attention. He knows it and he will do anything to save his arse. If it means taking the country down with him, so be it.

be your own judge. It is easy to pontificate but the facts are hard to deny.

Anonymous said...

VB....The man who saved Fiji from their own terrorist.

d3lt4h said...

....If the Head be good then the body shall be also, and if the Head be bad then the body will of neccesity also be.. it is not science nor is it physics, but light shining into the dark to make ALL see the confusion..plainly, and in this case the dusts are almost settled.