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Moto ni Vanua

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As noted in our previous blog, we had notified the Fiji public that some documents allegedly originating from the Moto ni Vanua had been passed onto us.

After careful deliberations we have decided to publish one of the documents. This is a letter carried by an operative to an undisclosed location seeking funds for the anti-IG campaign in Fiji. Due to ongoing operations, names have been blacked out by the people who obtained it!

A number of factors were taken into account before deciding to publish the document:

1. Qarase's announcement that he will return to Suva next week, this is something that was part of the strategy disclosed earlier

2. Additionaly, an anti IG blog has been publishing very vocal and racist propaganda. They have been openly inciting unrest and calling for the overthrow of the IG.

There are indicators that leaders of the Indo-Fijian community are going to be targeted, in particular one Mahendra Chaudhry.

This is part of the strategy to turn the issue into a racial issue, Fijian vs Indo-Fijian and use the support of the chifs to bring people out onto the streets.

Navakasusua revealed the plans to bomb Nadi Airport when Chaudhry was PM, what are they planning now?

We are bringing this blog to the authorities attention before it is too late. This blog has recently issued a warning to its workers of certain documents going missing.

The campaign is due to kick into full gear on June 29.

(Some research has turned up a valuable lead. The Moto ni Vanua or Spear of the Nation seems to have taken its name from the African National Congress's armed wing , the Umkonto we Sizwe (or Spear of the Nation in Swahili).


Anonymous said...

Thank you Loyal.

This is the smoking Gun. To Nasir Ali and Co, stop running around like headless chicken.


Anonymous said...

There is a link here between the documents stolen from the Moto ni Vanua activist and Janet Masons documents which went missing!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, around every grog bowl the discussion has been why the Fijians havent done "something".

Now we know.

They are doing something.

They wont sit quietly....!!!!!

Anonymous said...






Ratu Kisitoni said...

It is clear the bad guys are trying their level best to make this coup look like an Indian coup. If our people can be swayed by such propaganda, then god help our race. I have more trust in my people than that. They will not be brainwashed no more. God bless and good work Loyal. Ciao.

Anonymous said...

LF, you will get whats coming to you.

Dont you woory about it.

Anonymous said...

ANC my arse.

The Kaiviti has no link to Africa and they are so thick and dumb they dont even know their own heritage.

The came from India through Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Fighting the fijians, indians or other ppl of colour gives in to the white supremacy propaganda of the bigger nations. Just take a look at where the Maoris of nz and Aborigines of aust or the Red Indians of America are at!!! White supremacy is what Ghandi protested against during the colonisation of India. And I want to ask the fijian communities living in nz, aust, usa, uk, are you accorded the same first class citizen status as the whites or not!!! You should understand the one world govt strategy to see why these nations have vested interest in our tiny nations, its not for their love for our ppl, but for white supremacy in accordance with this upcoming one world govt, one world order!!!!

Anonymous said...

The moto ni vanua as you've discovered are strategised by those who've fled abroad, just as a posting in wfc stated -

sunny Says:
June 13th, 2007 at 8:24 pm
navosavakadua is one of those fijians blogging frm abroad who’s living a luxurious comfortable life with his family. It’s well and good to encourage everyone to mass-protest & rebel against this ig & the rfmf, BUT, LAKO MAI KI VITI MO MAI LIUTAKA NA VEICOQACOQA OQO, and do not incite frm abroad and leave yr fellow underprivileged countrymen to die, while you all wait on the sidelines to see that when the illegal regime collapses then you come into Fiji to take up the spoils!!!! OQO NA KA SARAGA E YACO VEI G.SPEIGHT KEI IRATOU THE CRW, ERATOU SA COLATA KECE NA SAMU NI DAWA NI NODRA STRATEGY NA NODRAI LIULIU, IA ERA SA MATE KINA ESO, BIU TU MAI NA NODRA VEITINANI, KA RATOU SE CURU TIKO GA OQO E VALENIVEIVESU NA KENA VO. BAU SO VEI IRA NA VOLAVOLA TIKO OQO BAU VEISIKO VEI IRA SE RAICI IRA SE VEITARATARA MADAGA KEI IRA NA NODRA VEITINANI?? E SEGA!! KO IRA NA VOLAVOLA TIKO UQETA TIKO NA VEI TARATARA ERA WARAKA TU GA MAI VAVALAGA MERA QAI MAI DUI TA KENA E VITI, NI SA OTI NA VEITARATARA!!!

So once again we see these fijians frm abroad inciting bloodshed & encouraging their underprivileged fellow citizens to sacrifice their own lives that they themselves are fearful of doing, instead they take cover and wait to see if they are able to return to Fiji to take up their spoils.

Anonymous said...

To the moto ni vanua, be advised that boasting in your battle cry will be followed by destruction, because you're fighting your battles on your own strength and not relying on God's power.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sdl supporter and ticked for the sdl candidate in my constituency, but first & foremost I'm a strong christian believer & I don't expect my party to defraud my fellow citizens & our beloved nation in some very important as the general elections. So readers read these articles & with a clear conscience stand up only for the truth!!!!

The Moral Imperative (Update)

The Fiji Times (FT)Editorial of Thursday May 10th is a shining example of a conviction, clouded by a certain mania of sorts; the type one usually associates with an acute refraction of the facts, a by-product of truth suppression.

This is an excerpt of the FT Editorial:

Valid figures, not hot air, please

Thursday, May 10, 2007

INTERIM Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry has done his best to shock the nation with claims of massive electoral fraud and mismanagement.

There were, he said, more than 650,000 unused ballot papers missing after the May 2006 general election, which meant there had been a direct attempt to "interfere with and manipulate the results ...".

That a large number of ballot papers were printed and never used proves absolutely nothing, and is in no way relevant to the outcome of the election. At worst it may show up some wastage of money and a lack of some proper procedures within the Electoral Office.

It is totally irrelevant how many ballot papers were printed and how many were unused or even if they were destroyed or not. Once the election was over they were nothing more than waste paper.

What is important is how many votes were cast in each seat compared to the number of people on the electoral roll and those essential facts seem to be missing from this so-called'audit'.

An election is nothing more than simple mathematics. There are a certain number of people entitled to vote in each seat. Over the course of polling a number of them will vote and a number of them will not, for various reasons. At the end of polling the votes are counted and obviously the number of votes cast should never exceed the number of people enrolled.

The number of votes cast should also match the number of names crossed off the electoral rolls by the polling booth staff.

In every election far more ballot papers are printed than there are registered voters for the simple reason that, as people are allowed to vote at any of a number of polling stations, each has to have sufficient papers to cater for however many people may turn up.

For instance, how many Rotumans could be expected to vote in Suva and at which polling booths? It is almost impossible to know.

Complicating this even further is the lack of a recent census. Using the Rotuman example again, how could the Elections Office possibly know how many Rotumans lived in Suva and at which polling stations they would vote? Because those facts were not, and could never be fully known beforehand, the Elections Office had to ensure there were enough ballot papers available at every polling station on a "be prepared" basis.

It is difficult to believe a seasoned politician such as Mr Chaudhry does not know all this. Let us also not forget that the election was overseen by a number of independent teams, including the European Union, the Commonwealth, the US and even a local contingent from the University of the South Pacific.

They all gave the thumbs up, acknowledging that while the election was not perfect, the mistakes had no bearing on the outcome. Were these teams incompetent or corrupt? It is difficult impossible, in fact to believe so.

Mr Chaudhry now needs to provide proof that his audit team knew what they were doing. He needs to provide the real figures that are needed the number of electors registered in each seat, compared to the number of votes cast.

If they show significant differences, he may then have some hope of convincing the public the election was rigged. Until then, it is all just more political hot air.

(Above: Video on the conversations by Navitalai Naisoro, a former civil servant and SDL confident, alleging the act of ballot rigging during the 2006 elections)

These allegations pointing to the unforgivable offence of vote rigging, was derived from the Auditor General's report, which some circles have obviously denied outright. Was it not the same AG report who revealed the layer of corruption within Fiji Sports Council or the abuse of the Affirmative action programs?
The cruel realities on hand, may have prompted a furious defense by entrenched SDL apologists, who attempted to fight off these inexcusable actions by the Election Office Supervisor, Semesa Karavaki; who just months before the 2006 elections was on study leave in Australia.

FT Editor said
"That a large number of ballot papers were printed and never used proves absolutely nothing, and is in no way relevant to the outcome of the election. At worst it may show up some wastage of money and a lack of some proper procedures within the Electoral Office".

It is quite regrettable for the Fiji Times Editor to downplay such serious and willful breeches of authority that, raise serious clouds of suspicions over the electoral process, giving probable cause to further investigations and convictions by the new Anti-Corruption Commission.

Although, the Editor raised an important detail, albeit portrayed through rose colored glasses:
"It is totally irrelevant how many ballot papers were printed and how many were unused or even if they were destroyed or not. Once the election was over they were nothing more than waste paper".

To print out an excessive amount of ballot papers and then later incinerate them without use; defeats the purpose of having an accurate count of voters in the first place.

It is unfortunate for the FT Editor to categorize the unused, untracked and unaccounted ballot papers as mere 'waste paper' destined for the incinerator; before ascertaining their worth. It is also blatantly reprehensible of the Editorial to trivialize these departures in electoral procedures and other irregularities, by questionably classifying these abuses, as a simple case of public resource wastage.

Fiji Times editorial unapologetically uses slanted language, underscoring the lack of proportionality used by the editor; akin to labeling genocide, as nothing more than serial murders.

The Editor further over simplifies the enormity of these questions that point to the unprecedented malfeasance. One must be appraised of the Latin term: 'Modus vivendi'-Or the acceptance of a continuing and fundamental disagreement, held in abeyance; in order to successfully filter through these iconic misrepresentations.

The FT Editor may have forgotten the existing Public Service Commission regulations forbidding the destruction of official documents. Undoubtedly, voting ballots is an official government document as it gets and their hurried incineration, fitted the uncanny label of hiding evidence. Without verifiable documents underlining the approval of Electoral Commission in this act of capital destruction, perhaps done under the cover of the night, raises further alarming and embarrassing questions on the lack of oversight.

Paper trails serve an important function in national elections and this issue has created some controversy in the last U.S elections, regarding electronic voting machines; which was also susceptible to hacking. These machines were manufactured by Diebold Inc, a loyal contributor to Republican Party and the end result forced several American states to abandon those machines; favoring paper trails used by conventional ballot cards.

All paper ballots themselves are not without scrutiny, as the Fiji allegations of vote rigging prove.

The equivocation (WAX) of the British High Commissioner was quoted in Fiji Village article, along with other stove-piping pundits who pointed out that, the E.U observation teams did sign off declaring the 2006 Fiji elections as free and fair.

Regrettably, this echo chamber defense was raised also by the Fiji Times Editor and seemed to have a bizarre similarity to talking points press releases, made by the SDL party members:

"Let us also not forget that the election was overseen by a number of independent teams, including the European Union, the Commonwealth, the US and even a local contingent from the University of the South Pacific. They all gave the thumbs up, acknowledging that while the election was not perfect, the mistakes had no bearing on the outcome. Were these teams incompetent or corrupt? It is difficult impossible, in fact to believe so". (sic)

Of course, those with difficulty in comprehending the possibility of vote rigging; may be divided into to two groups. The first group being highly deficient in thinking 'out of the box' and the second group possessing a superior political bias.

The 2006 election reports, did acknowledge some irregularities in the election process and recommended the remapping of electoral boundaries in Fiji. It might be accurate to factor in, the undeniable reasons of contamination regarding the locations of observer teams.

One should understand that, there are only a finite number of observers and none of them could ever defy the laws of physics, even if they tried their hardest to be omnipresent during the 2006 elections. This astounding fact does have a direct bearing on the election outcome, despite the appeals to ignorance floated by the FT Editor.

The transport of ballot boxes from the voting booths to the counting centers were not observed 100%. Therefore, it is plausible to deduce that, the observers may have scrutinized the voting booths, but the deduction also begs the questions: Did any of the observers physically escort 100% of election boxes in transition?

There were several articles(none published by Fiji Times) pointing to complaints raised by several political parties after the closure of voting centers, pointing to the detour of vehicles(transporting the ballot boxes) to strategic locations, then reappearing at the counting centers without anyone really questioning or scrutinizing this lapse of time or route deviation?

Equally disturbing was the media reported incidents highlighting, last minute changes to the locations of voting centers by the Election Office officials; who took the time to inform the SDL party but not other participants. Other discrepancies regarding the integrity of the Elections Office is seen in this 2001 Fiji Sun webpage.

This is the excerpt of IFES Election Guide on Fiji's 2006 elections:

Police investigating opposition claims against election administration

Posted: 05/11/2006
On Wednesday the Prime Minster downplayed the police investigation of opposition parties' claims against the ongoing parliamentary elections. The opposition alleges, among other things, that around 13,000 some of its supporters were not included on the roll. Historically there have been many tensions between ethnic Indians and indigenous Fijians, who are currently in power. Elections to the country's 71-seat parliament started on Monday, May 8, and will continue through Saturday, May 12. The vote count will begin on May 14 and results are due to be announced four days later.

Source: ElectionGuide

Confident Fiji PM brushes off election complaints

Posted: 05/10/2006
SUVA, Fiji (Reuters) - Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase brushed aside on Wednesday complaints about Fiji's chaotic election, which police are investigating, and said he was confident of returning to office.

Source: Reuters: International

Wansolwara online corroborates the 2001 election rigging complaints.

The ugly fact reported in the Auditor General's report stated that, voting center officials did not have any idea of the number of actual ballot papers, simply because there were no accounting checks and balances nor documents quantifying or accurately tracking the ballot papers. This reflects gross ineptitude by the Supervisor of Elections, who repeatedly showed contempt for the public interest and transparent accountability, demonstrated in a Fiji Times article defending his incompetence. If anyone owes anyone an apology for this debacle, it is the Supervisor of Elections.

Irrefutably, there is an ubiquitous and offensive odor of spoiled meat, now emanating from the bowels of the Election Office with regards to the 2006 elections. The same execrable stench which some personalities have feebly attempted to neutralize. The aftermath of the Kunatuba case and the Agricultural Scam case proves the existence of a multi-agency vote buying scheme which arrogantly abused affirmative action programs. Ostensibly the abuse directed any culpability and public opinion to the SDL Government.

It is not counter intuitive for the public to closely re-examine those realities, without being confused with other Red Herrings and cloudy judgments raised by individuals holding a political bias.

It has been proven by independent media analysts that, the Fiji Times led a repulsive defamation campaign against the 1999 Prime Minister and now Interim Finance Minister; this campaign eventually paved the way for the 2000 putsch. Other observations include some Fiji Time Correspondents, who blurred the line between journalism and subject, by closely associating themselves with the perpetrators of the 2000 coup and maligning their very independence as well as staining their integrity.

A similar type of bias is reflected in the tone of FT Editor who chooses a cynical view :
"There are a certain number of people entitled to vote in each seat. Over the course of polling a number of them will vote and a number of them will not, for various reasons".
and simultaneously the FT editorial diminishes the importance of a non-partisan electoral system, without even raising the issue of unaccountability, let alone mention deterrents to voter fraud.

Whilst, the editor hastily points out a juvenile correlation between voting and mathematics:
"An election is nothing more than simple mathematics"

A fact ignored by the FT editorial is that, numbers require an accurate and verifiable source before one gives credence to its value. A hasty conclusion of the editorial:
[...]At the end of polling the votes are counted and obviously the number of votes cast should never exceed the number of people enrolled[...]

What is quite concerning regarding the question of numbers, is that the amount of printed ballot papers should never exceed the number of registered voters by such great percentage, as seen in the 2006 elections.

This argument by Fiji Times Editor holds true only if, the number of registered voters is derived from an accurate population count known commonly as the national census. It was this census that was avoided like the plague by the SDL Government, blaming an acute shortage of State funds in not exercising this basic role of good governance.

Fiji's national population is certainly not an arbitrary number which the Election Supervisor or the FT Editor can pluck out of thin air. In addition to this myopia, the electoral boundaries were exceedingly antiquated and should have been remapped subsequently to the scheduled census. In fact, Fiji has hardly remapped the current boundaries since its independence.

Arguably, the 2006 elections were far less free and fair, if these basic fundamentals of governance were conveniently sidelined by the SDL Government; which the Fiji Times Editor and International Observer teams unreasonably swept under the rug.

The reactions to the allegations of vote rigging are coming in fast and furious, as seen in Fiji Times website.

Ousted PM

IT is surprising that the ousted PM uses the term "democratically-elected government" in almost all his comments.

May I ask the ousted PM why, if he wants the people to support a democratically-elected government, did he accept the post of interim PM when the Labour government was toppled in 2000?

Ronald Jeet

Ballot papers

YOUR editorial (FT 10/5) on the missing unused ballot papers shows an unfortunate lack of understanding of issues involved, particularly the enormity of the fact that more than 600,000 unused ballot papers cannot be accounted for.

Equally surprising is the fact that an issue which your paper thought was important enough to hit the front page (FT 9/5) should hours later become merely "hot air".

It says a lot about the credibility of your editorial team, than that of the Finance Ministry's audit team.

The issue at stake here is not just one of about 600,000 unused ballot papers, although that is worrying enough. The main concern is 665,256 missing unused ballot papers.

The Electoral Act makes absolutely stringent provisions for the accountability of every printed ballot paper, issued or otherwise.

And rightly so, because the integrity of any general election hinges on such accountability.

Sections 85, 86 and 87 lay down very specific instructions for the handling of and responsibility for all ballot papers used, unused or spoilt.

The ultimate responsibility for the safety and accountability of ballot papers lie with the Supervisor of Elections. He stands accountable under the law.

He must tell the nation what happened to the 600,000-plus ballot papers.

That they were used to stuff ballot boxes cannot be easily discounted.

This is why the matter is with the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption for further investigation.

The Finance audit team found discrepancies which must be thoroughly investigated.

The fact that the Supervisor of Elections failed in his duty to keep a master record, failed in his duty to ensure every Returning Officer filed returns as required under the law, made it impossible for the audit team to probe further. FICAC will now look into these and other issues that have come to light. Let the Supervisor of Elections and others of his ilk answer to the investigating team.

There are a number of other highly disturbing features of the 2006 and 2001 general elections that need to be fully investigated.

Indeed, there is enough compelling evidence to warrant the setting up of an independent commission of inquiry into the conduct of the 2006 election.

In the past, such complaints were brushed under the carpet. Complaints regarding irregularities and electoral malpractices were lodged after the 2001 election but no action was taken by those in authority people who were part of Laisenia Qarase's gravy train.

When police started their investigations under Commissioner Andrew Hughes, it was found that relevant records could not be found. We must prevent records being destroyed this time.

The accountability and integrity of the electoral system is a must, otherwise the exercise becomes a mockery and a farce.

Needless to say, an alert, impartial and informed media, in its capacity as the public watchdog, has an important role to play in this respect.

Mahendra Chaudhry
Interim Minister for Finance

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Probable Cause.
Interim Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudary in an interview (WAX) with Fiji Village, has castigated the former Fiji Election Supervisor for his alleged role in rigging the 2006 Elections, after the probe into the Election office was released.
Chaudary in the same interview (WAX) questioned the need by Fiji Elections office to print 125% extra ballot papers, for the 2006 elections, some of which were later incinerated.

The former Supervisor of Elections, Semesa Karavaki in an interview(WAX) defended his role and couunter accused Chaudary of making threats and further questioned the integrity of the Anti-Corruption Commission which has now taken charge of the investigations.
Karavaki's explanations(WAX) for the incineration of ballot papers, raised more questions than answers.

Fiji Live article corroborates the release of the Audit report on Fiji Elections Office.
This is an excerpt:

Probe reveals errors by Elections Office
Tuesday May 08, 2007

An investigation of the Elections Office has revealed that an excessive number of ballot papers were printed for the 2006 general elections.

The audit, which was carried out last year by the Office of the Auditor General, also revealed that postal ballot papers had to be reprinted due to errors made by the Office.

The audit found that a total of 2 million 82 thousand 280 ballot papers were printed for the general election compared to 959 thousand 405 registered voters on the provisional rolls. An extra 1 million 122 thousand 875 ballots printed.

The audit revealed that an extra 285 thousand 591 were printed for the Fijian Communal seats and an extra 48 thousand 11 were printed for the General Communal.

For the Indian Communal, 245 thousand 738 extra ballot papers were printed while for the Rotuman Communal, 64 thousand 847 extra ballot papers were printed. For the Open Constituencies, 478 thousand 688 extra ballot papers were printed.

The audit found that 52 thousand 600 postal ballot papers were printed due to errors made by the officer preparing the template of the ballots.

13 thousand 450 ballots was reprinted for the Fijian Communal, 2 thousand 300 for the General Communal, 25 thousand 100 for the Indian Communal and 11 thousand 750 for the Open Constituencies. The audit noted the explanation of the Government Printer who said he wasn't responsible for the reprints and shifted the blame to the Elections Office.


Anonymous said...

Then you are as ignorant as they party you voted for who thought that they would get away with bigtime "inyourface" fraud like an election. Kauta laivi na vakasama macawa vaqori baleta na kaiviti sa sega ni lialia ka kaviti lialia ga e supporttaka tu na party era lewena tu na daubutako, dauyalewa, lasulasu, lawakica, dokadoka kei na tawa lotu. Oilei da mai lasutaki! Go Frank and the military and drain out those bad elements of our nation.

LoyalFijian said...

To the idiot who posted a Fiji Times editoria on MY blog comments section.

Go away, this blog is for people who can articluate their own opinons. Not imbeciles like u who post rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Loyal because the Fiji Times editor is just another hot-air headed person like the one who posted it here. I can't believe the stupidity of some people who just can't seem to read between the lines nor see things for the rot that they really are! Urrrrghhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Has your "reading between the lines" brought justice to the families of those murdered by this "clean" government? As a Fijian you should be ashamed at the racist comments coming from other people blogging here. Whilst I respect your opinions, its sad that you espouse the views of a deranged lunatic such as Bai. You like Bai are delusional in thinking this IG will get rid of corruption once and for all. No doubt there was corruption in the SDL. The same goes for past governments in Fiji. Where in the world is there a government free of corruption? Are you on planet earth of up in the clouds? As much as we detested the SDL and it's discriminatory policies, at least we had the freedom to disagree!. We did not have to fear being dragged in the middle of the night to QEB or have childish travel bans imposed on us.
"Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than to convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love." (Dr. M.L King) Mark my words good people, Voreqe will only destroy Fiji.
We must break free from the burdens of racism and violence. We can live side by side with all races and call Fiji home. MILITARY COUPS ARE NOT THE ANSWERS TO OUR PROBLEMS FIJI!
No one but God "cleans" people, and as human beings we all fall short of that glory.
God Bless You People,

Anonymous said...

A few casualties on the way and you keep harping about it. Let justice prevail and the police do their job. Who are you to demand what is not yours to demand? Fiji is lucky that the takeover has been bloodless and we have had a minimum casualty. Three people who died because of their hot headedness and involvement in the criminal world. One can't lay these deaths at the feet of the Commander as he looks after battalions and the army is there to kill not protect so relax and just allow the law to take its course. In one of your lies Tui in your bullshit blogsite you say that the Commander is stopping investigation into those deaths. Nothing can be further from the truth as he has been known to say "let the law take its course and those who wronged face the full brunt of the law". Tui you and your demented friends are ignorant and making blanket generalisations and let me tell you, you are the minority. YES hear that the minority and all you do is piss hot air in that blogsite. Rauti kemuni vinaka tu ga ya.

Just so you know when I ask people about the blogsite they give a distasteful kinda look which means they are disgusted with your blogsite. The reason hardly anyone comments on our kind of sites is because the cause does not attract the kind of bitter people that yours does. Thank you for coming here anyway and reading the other side of the story. Welcome.

Anonymous said...

One question for you actually endorse corruption in a government? I thought that the aim of a government is to minimise corruption not multiply it the way SDL did infiltrating the public service with their vote buying staff, doing under the table deals with business with unethical tender processes, stopping water so that the bloody SDL president can have his vans hired by government and list goes on. Sit tight and watch Tui. Hell even the civil servants forget they are public servants because govt staff are so politicised. They are civil servants not SDL servants if I should remind you. If the unions make the mistake of calling for a strike, citizens of this country will rise to the occassion and band together to ensure this country is NOT crippled and brought to ITS knees by those serving their own selfish agendas with propaganda and bullcrocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon 12.25am. And we will do it for free no pay. It's called goodwill and volunteering for a good cause.