Thursday, July 31, 2008

San Francisco Connection to Fiji Bomb Plot

One of the blogs that had been posting BOMB MAKING INSTRUCTIONS and publishing such hatred filled posts as DENY SOLDIERS FAMILIES FOOD, MAKE SOLDIERS RUN AROUND and inciting acts of terror and wanton violence, changed its name after authorities in U.S began investigations.

This blog called WhyFijiisCrying was full of fabrications and lies which even a Class 1 student could see was the work of some mad men or perhaps a "mad woman" and her cronies.This site is now publishing the same drivel as solivakasama.

Individual soldiers are doing their jobs. Anyone who asks for children of soldiers to be denied food is a coward or out of their mind.

Maybe someone who is famous for the following exploits:

- calling the Permanent Secretary for Women and Social Welfare and demanding that a helicopter be flown to Lau to collect her at Governement expense, after her 4 week Christmas holiday

- Demanding that all staff at her office join her in morning prayer sessions and recite a verse each from the bible. These prayer sessions often ran from 9 in the morning to about 11, while people waited outside

- Travelling on a diplomatic passport which she is not entitled to

Yep, something is going on in San Francisco alright.

So, it came as no surprise to learn that the Hon. Adi Asenaca Caucau has been arrested in San Francisco for assault and is facing a lengthy spell in jail.

All readers of Loyal Fijian, if they wish can email the San Francison Police at the following email highlighting the suspicions that Ms Caucau was behind the incitements to commit terror on Fijian soil against Fijians by publishing detailed bomb making instructions.

The following text can be copied and pasted into your email:

Information for San Francisco Police on arrest of a Adi Asenaca Caucau for assault.

1. Adi Caucau is travelling on a Diplomatic passport which is of dubious legality as Diplomatic Passports are only issued to current serving Ministers of State.

2. Bomb making instructions and incitement to commit murder were being routinely made on a blog called which was being run by disgruntled Fijians from the San Francisco area. It is possible that Adi Asenanca Caucau was one of those persons behind the publishing of bomb making instructions and incitement to murder of persons in Fiji.

The blog server is resident in the U.S and publication of such inflammatory and inciteful material is an offence under U.S law.

The blog was deleted after the bomb making instructions post was being investigated by Fijian authorities. A copy of the article can be seen here:
All references to particular chemicals and detailed instructions have been blocked out.



Samu said...

They changed their name because U.S authorities were closing in. Still publishing utter rubbish, drivel, under anothe name.


Josefa said...

Caucau hahahahahaha

She ran away after the coup to US hahahahahaha

What a joke hahahahah I used to work with her1 Oh my God! What a fruitcake hahahahahah

Fully nut! Released from mental asylum and into Parliament hahahahah

h4ck3r said...

Apparently the pressure is getting a little too much for Solivakasama as can be seen here:

When you bring money into the equation, it is only natural that things will go out of control. Based on that link above, I think it is only a matter of time before the site implodes :)

Anonymous said...

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