Friday, March 5, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Jaswant and Joe : Daylight Savings

Another Friday sees another grog session. The boys are all here. Ready for another "sitting". Taki

Jaswant: Hey guys, set sa ga the decision top start school at 9 aye

Jone: Yeah man, Rupeni (Jones son) is happy

Jaswant : And my tavale, faller teacher in one school. Hes even happier


Joe : The kids will lose an hour of schooling though, wont they?

Jaswant : No, the teachers will have to work harder.

Joe : Yeah, but how can that be?

Jone : True man, how can that be?

Jaswant :Se, dont worry man, its gonna be alright.

Jone : Im sure your tavale and al his friends must be happy aye

Jaswant : No doubt man, even thogh they have to stary at 8 like before, but now one more hour to grog!

Joe : Thats what Im afraid of. How about half day on Saturday to make up time

Jone " Hmmmm, not a bad idea. But what about SDA's?

Jaswant : Lets just go back to normal time man. True.

Joe: For the first time, I actually agree with you.


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