Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant : Is it really Necessary?

Another week, another grog session. The three friends are again gathered on Jone's verandah. It is drizzling, but that won't bother the three friends. Its Taki time.


Jone : Drizzling, but no heavy rain


Jaswant :  Yeah, Sun and Rain,  must be a mangoose wedding somewhere (Children in Fiji playfully refer to drizzle when sun is out as a a sign that some magoose is getting married somewhere. Why? No Idea!)


Joe : Mangoose wedding? Whats that?


Jaswant : Don't worry brother! Just Taki, thats your job !


Joe : Ill Taki Joe. So whats been going on?


Jaswant : Just the usual maan. Things just cruising along.


Joe : Not for some. Paidar for Rabuka after they took his Pajero. (Paidar is Fijian slang for walking)


Jaswant : Yeah, because they cancel his pension or something.


Joe : Yeah, his Pajero was part of his package.


Jaswant : Yeah, well, bad for him but, maybe the Pajero can go to a hospital or the Police aye. Better for people.


Joe : Se, you really think the Pajero will go to the hospital . Seti seti… just see who gonna use it.


Jaswant: But , can Fijian afford a taxpayer funded Pajero for ex-politicans ?


Joe: That's not the point mate! It doesn't look good and its an unnecessary distraction and bad publicity for the government.


Jone: Yeah, make them look bad.


Jaswant: But the Gov…


Joe: No ifs and buts. Is it really necessary? There has been a lot of good PR recently, was this really needed right now? Its counter-productive.
Jaswant: Why you alwayas use big words aye?
Joe: Here we go again. Taki!


Silence. Then , the loud crack of a thunder strike fills the air. Looks like it is going to rain after all. Not that the three friends are bothered. They just pull the mat away from the rain and carry on the grog session. Taki.



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