Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Great Start to 2010 : Fiji-NZ Relations to Improve

It is a very good start to 2010.
In details reported in the media today, NEW Zealand foreign minister Murray McCully has confirmed that the governments of Fiji and New Zealand have agreed to improve diplomatic relations following talks last week.
This follows discussions between the Mr. McCully and his Fiji counterpart, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, in Nadi on Friday and Saturday.
The Interim Government has taken the right step in working to restore relations with our neighbours. NZ and Fiji can achieve a lot more by working together than being being adversaries.The New Zealand Government on its part has also recognised the need for engagement and dialogue as the only means of resolving any issues that may exist.
Similar discussions should also be initiated with our other traditional ally , Australia, to restore diplomatic relations as a start and rebuild the relationships that have existed between our countries for a very long time.
This is especially true for Military to Military links which should be restored at the earliest.
Great News for all.


Croz Walsh said...

We seem to be agreed on this tho' I'm a little more cautious. I see from an earlier post that one of your readers is asking you to publish more regularly. If this is difficult, why not urge your readers to visit my blogsite? Best wishes, Croz

Anonymous said...

Croz seems to be promoting himself in this forum.Maybe LF should refrain from publishing his non contributory posts.

However, LF must be cautious as to trumpeting the "favourable" outcomes of the NZ/IMG meetings.As one can recall,in recent past there has been numerous meetings and gurantees given in meetings between the IMG and the SPF,Commonwealth,Australian and NZ governments with disastrously negative outcomes for the people of Fiji.

We must be reminded that NZ is a democratic government and a member of the Commonwealth and as such can only engage the IMG to the extend of the sanctions in place.

We must not get our hopes too high and though the IMG needs a facilitator like Kubuabola, at the end of the day it is the military council which had the last say.