Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rumour Mongers resort to misinformation on Pensions

The rumour mill appears to have been cranked up to full speed as talk of efforts to block pensions/FNFP annuities to so –called "dissidents" spread across the usual avenues.


The first Loyal Fijian heard of this scaremongering was at a local watering hole the other night. Stopping pensions to so –called dissidents, yeah right! That was Loyal's reaction.


And then the rumour mill got going as people returned to work after their breaks and emails started flying around and before you know it, a full blown conspiracy was being reported.


Is there any truth in it? To be honest, Loyal Fijian only reports the facts, we don't make the decisions.


But on the face of it, following on the heels of the announcement that the NZ Government has signed on to restore relations, growing consumer confidence and historically high tourist arrivals, the so-called dissidents had to come up with something,


And as usual, it appears they may they once again resorted to rumour.


Croz Walsh said...

LF, The Decree is not a rumour but anti-Govt people are certainly misrepresenting its likely application. They state or imply that all Govt opponents or anyone making a passing comment will lose their pension. It is far more likely it will only be applied to Qarase, former parliamentarians and other regularly vocal opponents.

Please commend my blog to your readers.

And see my posting in this topic:

Anonymous said...

Regardless of to whom the decree will apply, the question that must be asked is will this action really suppress political opponents of the junta?

What it will certainly do is add to the increasing number of civil servant opponents going underground.

I think preventing pensions is counterproductive for Voreqe and rather very childish.