Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conversations of Jone , Joe and Jaswant : The Swinging Panda's!

Beautiful evening in Suva as the three friends are relaxing on Jone's front porch. Joe thinks its hot, Jaswant thinks its OK and Jone says its just right. (No one's right or wrong, It's a matter of perspective!)


Jone:  So NZ want to be our friend again aye?


Jaswant: Yeah man, see they come back to us didn't they?


Jone : Seems like it. After all that talk , they want us to be like before. What happened to all that talk about suspension and bans, se cava?


Jaswant : Se Jone, that's politics man! You say one thing, you do another thing and then you claim yet another. Brother, relax.


Jone: Yeah I know.  Looks like NZ realised things were not so bad after all.


Joe : Actually they realised that disengagement is not the way to go. With China and India building their presence in the South Pacific, its too big a risk.


Jaswant: Why you always talk high level like that huh?You think we don't about that stuff? I know that China want Fiji's uranium!


Jone : Seti Jas, no uranium in Fiji. Don't mind him Joe, something about Kaivalagi people and Kaidia people that is always there.


Joe (laughs) No worries Jas. I actually think China wants to keep Taiwan out of Fiji, but you already know about that right?

Jaswant : Yeah man. Those Taiwan gang want our tuna! And be careful of those Indonesian gang, they want our oil reserve, Only the Indians want to help us.


Joe and Jone laugh.


Joe : So its all going back to normal aye


Jaswant : See I told you. What did George Speight say huh? They just gonna talk big for a while and then "they'll be back in bed with us soon". That George faller always thinking about the bed aye?


 Loud laughter.


Joe : Looks like the pendulum has started to swing back, isn't it?


Jaswant " Yeah yeah, we know all about swinging panda's man. They from Africa. No need to va fancy.
Joe : Taki!
Jaswant : You taki M@**&^ T^&%%^ .

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