Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Poets Society : Good ol Pajero

Loyal Fijian has been doing some thinking

Based on this thinking, Ive done some inking


My inking involves taking some facts and doing some linking

Add some humour  and a Free Poets Society poem comes up springing


To this mix, add some satire and start stirring

But be careful of the heat or it will start burning


Topic for this one is Pajeros

Big as beasts and fast like arrows


We all want one

It must be a lot of fun


Be it a prince or a pauper, a worker or a manager

Everyone wants a Pajero, not the Hilux, not the Ranger


Ohhh we love them so much

Start the engine, release the handrake and take the foot off the clutch


Is it a status symbol

Makes you feel all powerful and cause a ripple


Its not nice to give and take it back

Let him keep it, after all he's up there doing nothing but yak yak yak


Isnt it funny how we do this everytime

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme


Free Poets Society

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