Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant : Its Tactics, not Testi****!

It's a "Review Session", the boys are still pumped after Fiji's win in Wellington. Big win saraga as Jaswant says.


Jaswant: Va cava Go Fiji Go!!Woo Woo!!


Jone : Seti, where's India ? Why they never play rugby?


Jaswant: Whats India got to do with it? Im Fijian just like you!


Jone :Yeah right. If you say so.


Joe: It was a good win for the boys.


Jaswant: But bad for you aye. You gang lost in the semis hehehhe


Joe: You are mistaken about my nationality.


Jaswant: Where u from then huh ? Where?


Joe: I belong to the human race. I will go wherever I am needed.


Jaswant :WHAT? See Joe..Oqo sa rerevaki saraqa Kai. I told you this faller gonna be trouble.


Jone: Se Relax Jas. Boy that Kolinisau good player aye. But why they never play Ryder in starting line up?


Jaswant: Hes impact player, its all testicles man!


(Joe and Jone laugh)


Joe: You mean tactics.


Jaswant: Yeah yeah, kuni va fancy otherwise use gang gonna……..


Jone : (Interrupting) Se, gunu mada.

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