Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant : Where is everyone Seinimili?

Another Friday, but something is amiss…..has been for a few weeks. The Friday night ritual that is the grog session at Jone's house has not happened for a few weeks.


Jone's text to Jaswant has gone unanswered and Joe is nowhere to be found. Here could they be?



Jone: (to his wife) I wonder if it was something I said


Seinimili: Yeah, when you grog dope, you don't know what you say


Jone: Seti woman, I expect reassurance not criticism from you OK. It's a rhetorical question anyway, not that you would know what that means.


Seinimil: (Quiet, doesn't respond)


Jone : Jaswant the faller always comes, even for a short while on Fridays. Last few weeks , I felt so lonely. Nothing to talk about.


Senimili : You can talk your wife and kids.


Joe : (Ignoring her) Isa, wonder what they are doing? Joe always has some good stories to tell. You know, the faller goes to all these lunches with all the big shot gang. He hears a lot of things.


Senimili : But you also "know a lot of people". There's nothing they know that you don't.


Joe: I know that, but I still make them feel important. Just to keep the news flowing. Especially Jaswant. He's tavale is connected.  A few bilo and he starts talking. Hehehehe


Seinimili : hehehhe And Joe?


Jone : Rerevaki sa raga o koya. I've heard stories that he was in the SAS.


Seinimili: You mean like in the movie


Jone: Yeah, just like the movies, only real. He thinks he can control us two. Jaswant thinks he is smarter than me. What do you think Seini my darling?


Seinimili: I married you didn't I.





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