Thursday, April 29, 2010

Loyal Fijian is Right Here!

To all the loyal readers of Loyal Fijian : We are still here.

Yes, we have been a bit quiet of late, but not to worry, we are still here and plan on being around for a long time yet.

Loyal Fijian was started to combat the rumours being peddled by the HATE blogs, and the Loyal Fijian was the ONLY blog to present a balanced and impartial account.

Our objectives remain to argue for a fair, balanced and free media and arena for public discourse.

Our posts are not as frequent, but we will be here and publish as often as we can.



1 comment:

Croz Walsh said...

Welcome back. But how come you claim to be "the ONLY blog to present a balanced and impartial account"? Don't you read Fiji: As It Was, Is and Can be?