Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Poets Society: Where have they all gone?

It started off with Intelligentsiya
They peddled rumours and spread fear

Then came along WFC and RFC
They also lacked balance and how disappinted were we

Have to acknowledge RRFC
They launched the first counter punch, good to see

Cyberspace was flooded with blogs, unfortunately most lacked balance
They published slander, lies and were run by felons

Loyal Fijian was concerned, situation was getting tight
Somebody had to take up the fight

All through this we have upheld our value
Independent, balanced and impartial, our promise to you

There is a new kid on the block, very eager for attention
Claim to be the voice of the nation
We dont carry any advertising, We are not in this for money
We are equally at ease, be it vinegar or honey

Isnt is funny how we do this every time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme


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