Sunday, May 23, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant : But what does he want?

Cometh Friday, cometh the grog session-a Fijian tradition like no other. The boys are back together after a long time.

Jone: Sa boys, long time. Where you all been?

Jaswant : Yeah man, hard times.

Joe : I was away actually Jone, I sent you guys an email to let you know. Didn't you guys read it?

Jone: No, must have missed it. Man , things are tight at work. Have to be careful when going on the internet.

Jaswant : True man, all tracking going on. My tavale tole me one faller in New Zealand writing about us gang. The faller an expert or what?

Jone (Laughs): Living in NZ and writing about Fiji . Cava go? Why cant he write about the Maori or other social problems in NZ?

Loud laughter

Joe: It wont be the first time will it? I guess it makes them fell important about themselves. Another possibility is the faller is looking for an appointment to some Board or Council.

Jaswant: True. Why they never come and live in Fiji if they so concerned?

Jone: Se, don't say that man. We trying to get rid of as many as we can.

Jaswant : What you saying man?

Joe and Jone Laugh

Joe : Taki Jas

Jaswant : See you foreigner, you Taki OK. M#$%%$ T&&**^&

Joe: Somethings never change. Great to be back.



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