Monday, March 2, 2009

Melrose Cup to Fiji to Stay

The Melrose Cup is being held in Dubai, a vast stretch of palm fronds and sand

The kingdom has seen massive development , like someone has waved a magic wand

From the Palm Island resort, the Map of the World islands to the worlds highest tower

Its all there, and more are being built by the hour

To build it all has been a lot of hard work and toil

Unlike the "other kingdom", these guys have no oil

It is very hot and dusty

The dry heat can make you very thirsty

We haveFrance, US and Georgia in our pool

Its time we taught them a lesson, took them back to school

When we get past this stage, there will be bigger tests

But we should step up and show the world we are the best

Past the pool stage, Fiji will need to work very hard

South Africa, NZ, England are very strong, we will have to be on our guard

So this weekend, all Fiji Islanders look forward to this one

It is gonna be a heap of fun

South Africa under Paul Treus have made huge strides

Fiji can knock them down, hit them hard, make them run and hide

Kiwis are always a big threat, always running hot

Half their team is Fijian, that says a lot

England have stepped up on the big stage before
Its time to run them into the ground, send them into a stupor

Like all Fijians we want a win, Melrose Cup to Fiji , another 4 years to stay

So we can rejoice, grog and have a public Holiday

Isnt it funny how we do this each time

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme

Free Poets Society

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Love it, Luv it