Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Operation Flashpoint - Next Stop Nadi - Part 2

In late 2006, a foreign power set in motion a chain of events that would have culminated in the invasion of Fiji. Codenamed Operation Flashpoint, the ADF deployed its sea-borne and air assets to positions inside Fiji waters within striking distance of the capital Suva. Additionally, elite Special Forces infiltrated the country with communications equipment and weapons.

How close did we come to being invaded? Who among us who encouraged this act of aggression against their own country?

This is a fictional account of what may have happened in the days leading up to one of the most dramatic chapters in our history.

The boys were excited. Fiji was a popular holiday destination for Aussies. But as we all knew, there was always the potential of the place going up in smoke. The country had seen 4 or 5 coups and inter-race tension boiled under the surface.

The recent developments in Fiji had the politicians in Canberra worried which meant we had to be ready.

Its funny how that works. Politicians worry, soldiers prepare!

Anyway, I knew all this as we had been briefed on our return for the mountains around Dili hunting for the renegade East Timorese guerrilla, Alfredo Reinado. Alfredo had spent 6 months in training with the ADF and was a guest at the Campbell Barracks.

I remembered meeting him and thought he was a straight up and down type of guy. Never thought we would be chasing him through the jungles and mountain of Same around Dili, but we were.

Expect the unexpected, they say. Damn Right.

As it turned out, Alfredo gave us the slip and was hiding in Jakarta under the protection of Indonesian officers of the elite unit set up by Tommy Sueharto, known as the Kopassus . Im sure his knowledge of ADF methods helped him immensely.

I ditched my short barrel M4, the CQB weapon I preferred and ammo I was carrying and headed to the Regiment mess which doubled as our planning room. Georgie put on the kettle to prepare some tea, a good source of nicotine which we needed for the hours ahead .

Right, what do we need?

The suits had begun our pre-deployment preparation by collecting as much intelligence as we could on Fijian military strength and posture, updating our information with latest shots from Echelon satellites of Suva Harbour, Nadi Airport, Vuda oil refinery and other LZ's that we would have to secure if the go ahead was given for deployment of large numbers of forces.

The SM had already pulled the "Fiji File" and put it in on the table. All ready reaction forces place great emphasis on Contingency Planning.

A large part of this is a bank of information that the spooks collect and maintain from all sorts of sources. The High Commissions briefs on who the major players are and how the situation is involving is a part of this, but the boys get bored with this sort of stuff.

We also had some Candidate Files (CF) which had been put on the table for us to go through. Every officer who passes through Duntroon or other ADF sanctioned course has a Candidate File (CF) done. To be continued…..


Rups said...

Cant wait for Part 3.

Te said...

Great read. Thats blogging

Catch Me if U Can said...

It is a fact that Qarase asked three times for Howard to send troops to invade his own country.

Te said...

Best blog. The other blogs insult our intelligence by thinking we believe their copy and paste!

Jackie said...

Great read giys and gals. My favorite is the Free Poets Society and of course Monday Funnies.

Samantha said...

I spent 8 years in Fiji before returning to my home in England.I find this blog the only worhtwile Fiji blog worth reading.

WhyFijiisCrying and its clone with the obscenities and death threats is just a farce.

Virisila said...

Good work LF.

Luv this blog

Noob Saibot said...

LF, the more I read this, the more I get the feeling that this is anything but fiction.

Why do I get that irksome feeling that as usual, you know more than the rest of us and are keeping us all in suspense... c'mon mate... spill the beans... we all wanna know what card you've got up your sleeve!!! ;)