Monday, September 29, 2008

Rajendra Chaudhry's STAGED outburst

Rajendra Chaudhry has been making the news in recent times.

And no, its not for creating a fracas at his local squash court after the other 5 members voted 5-1 against him.

And its not at the local FLP branch either where his nomination for Assistant treasurer was voted down unanimously. He took exception to being offered the Grog Mixer role.

This time Chaudhry Jr has decided to take on the military.

Head on. In the media.

Now, this is not something that you do everyday.

So, whats up?

Rajendra Chaudhry is positioning himself as the Man Who can take on the Machine.

He is trying to rebuild his image as the guy who is known for being thrown out from Traps bar, to the Fearless Leader.

It is probably a sure bet that we will see Rajendra contest the next election.

He wont have any trouble getting a ticket, all he has to do is apply to the FLP headquarters.

Rajendra is setting his sights high.

Dear Leader in the making.

It remains to be seen how the boys at the barracks go with this.

The present indications are that they are willing to let Rajendra beat his chest.

How much harm can he cause.

They know what game he is playing.

After all, they know they can edit the script as and when they choose.


Usman said...

I agree, hes just trying to puff his chest out

Anonymous said...

he better not talk too much, if u know what I mean

Te said...

Seti Seti

This faller is just talking big, no substance

Anonymous said...

New leader in the making

Anonymous said...

Who r u people?