Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Charter Debate

The Peoples Charter is all the buzz at the moment.

You have the Charter detractors who see this as a back door attempt to put in a new framework under which future administrations will be set up.

Then you have those who are in favor of having such an exercise as a form of nation building and consensus.

Firstly, the exercise to have a Charter created in not new.

After every coup, we have had similar exercises.

The LF High Command believes that it is for the people of Fiji to decide whether they wish to adopt the Charter or not.

If the people wish to participate and offer their views, then they must have the freedom to do so.
They should not fear any retribution from anyone or any group.

If someone does not wish to offer their opinion or support to the Charter consultations, then they have the right to do so.

Any coercion would be contrary to the principles enshrined in the Charter.

We must allow people to debate and disagree.

Just because we have different opinions, doesn't mean that we pick up the cane knife and crow bar and start smashing each other.

No, disagreements are the essence of democracy.

Lets have a fair debate and attempt to come to a consensus. Lets learn from the past. It is obvious to one and all that since independence, something is amiss which has led to such tension in society.

Lets identify what it is. Is it ALTA? Is it communal voting? Is it the dominance of one community in the business sector?

Lets fix it .



Te said...

Totally agree. Love this blog. Recommend it to everyone,

Luisa said...

The Charter has some good points, e.g its about time we elect people based on merit and not race or because they are buddies of some chief.

Look at Rajesh Singh of Tailevu who won a seat because Takaivekata was getting money from him.

Jope said...

Its true there are differences and these need to be solved.

Im in favor of open roll as Fijians have nothing to fear under this system.

Sakiusa said...

Good post.

Yeah, its time to fox it but not at the cost of our identity.

Naren said...

Lets hear more on MC

Avinesh said...

Naren, this blog is about balance. Great work LF.

You guys are da best

Noob Saibot said...

LF... you rock!!!