Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who is the "Mole"?

Is it a coincidence?
The Interim PM is barely out of the country and Charan Jeeth Singh goes to the media saying that he has been told by a "senior government official"  that M.P. Chaudhry has been told to vacate office by August 22.
Firstly, lets take a closer look at Charan Jeeth Singh.
Charan Jeeth Singh is a Labasa based multi-millionaire who has had his hands in all sorts of pies including a saw mill with Ratu Soso Kalounivere which saw Charan Jeeth get rich and the people of the Vanua hardly even saw a cent from the timber that was cut down from their land. He also ran an airline business with former PM Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara which floundered after a while, but again not before Charan Jeeth Singh made some good money.
Charan Singh doesnt deny that he is rich.
Ask anyone in Labasa and they will tell you, he is a very rich man.
But as we know, he is also quite connected and hell bent on becoming a parliamentarian and a Minsiter!
After all, money brings all sorts of people to your doorstep.
Maybe even the so-called senior government official.
But why would this senior government official tell Charan Jeeth Singh something which is so highly confidential that even Major Leweni has refused to comment.
Everyone knows that Charan Singh has just started a new political party (4th or 5th such venture ) and has openly stated his intention to contest the next General Election.
And whats more? He has gone on record as saying that he is ready to become the next Minister for Finance in the IG.
He certainly doesn't lack ambition, does he? No sir.
But back to this mysterious 'senior Government official'?
Why such a move on his part?
Is someone trying to undermine the IG leadership? And we dont mean just MP Chaudhry, but the top job?
Is somebody within the machinery trying to do, what they have failed to achieve twice now! First with the call to the Senior Internal Auditor of FIRCA demanding that he make public the name of the senior Government Minister who was behind the $1.6 m scandal before Fiji Times published the story.
And then by leaking to the press that Cahudhry had been sacked during the Water Bottlers crisis?
Has someone promised Charan Jeeth Singh the Minister of Finance job if he puts his money behind their effort to achieve what they have failed in doing twice?
Charn Jeeth Singh as Minister for Finance ? or  Jim Ah Koy for his vast experience?
The interview by Colonel Aziz to Fijilive stating that the Army was totally behind their Commander was timely too, wasn't it?
Or design?

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