Friday, December 12, 2008

FICAC Gets First Conviction, at last

That much derided entity, FICAC managed to secure its first conviction.

A former accounts clerk for the Wainikoro Fisheries Co-operative was sentenced to 18 months in jail in the Labasa Magistrates Court yesterday, for stealing money amounting to about $3000 from the co-operative’s account.

Readers will be aware of Moti "Cowboy" Rattan up in Babasiga throwing his weight around after the coup as the local sheriff after he managed to get a FICAC badge.

He was running after refrigerators that Survivor crew had donated to Labasa Old Peoples Home.

Well it appears that Cowboy didn't have everything his way and he himself was subject of an internal investigation.

So it must come as a huge relief to FICAC Northern Division now that it has has managed to get a first conviction.

FICAC Deputy Commissioner George Langman said the conviction and sentence was testament of the tireless effort of the Commission’s officers.

Wooooo Hooooo

Yeah right.

And the big fish just swim on.


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