Wednesday, December 31, 2008


On May 5 2008, LF had published a post with this title: WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Then it was in response to the expulsion of NZ High Commissioner Russell Hunter. Read Here

Some 7 months later, LF is shocked at the irresponsible and petulant manner in which New Zealand's acting high commissioner, Caroline McDonald has been expelled.

Ms McDonald was informed that she has been declared "persona non-grata" and had been given one week to leave Fiji.

Such an action is bereft of any logic or will achieve any political objective.

It is the action of individuals who have lost touch with reality.

At a time of soaring inflation and record unemployment, Fiji needs NZ and Aust.

Both countries desperately need seasonal workers for agriculture, mining and to provide care to their elderly.

Before Christmas 700 visas were issues to workers from PNG, Vanuatu and Solomons to work in Australia. NZ has a similar scheme operating and many Fijians had gained from this or stood to gain from it.

Thats all gone now. Years and years of lobbying at the Pacific Forum by Pacific leaders had led to such a fundamental shift in Australian and NZ policy.

Forget it now.



Jonathan said...

Really enjoy this blog, some fun, some views and news.


Mereseini said...

I think your blog is on of the best and definitely the best one for Fiji readers.

Please do not follow the impostors and hate mongers.