Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Xmas

Well it is that time again
Time to unwrap gifts, dig the lovo, and hope it doesn't rain

It is time to reflect and say thanks
It has been an eventful year, thanks to some cranks

But it is not the time to be grumpy
Lets just be happy, we all know the road at times can be bumpy

Lets remember some of our friends
With whom we had had some fun and for the good times, say thanks

To all who hid behind WhyFijiiscrying and now its clone, Solivakasama
We say Merry Christmas, to you, your friends and your bubu, big mama

You think you are so smart, your identities are known to no one
C'mon, don't insult us, ask anyone at USP, Pacific Magazine,or even Fiji One

You don't have to be Einstein, you don't have far to go
FYPCN, 5 letters, thats all you need to know

We don't publish bomb making instructions like Solivakasama and WFC
The people will decide who they trust, you wait and see

No wonder WFC changed its name to Solivakasama
All that hate, target soldiers families, bomb tourists, geez its enough to scare all but Osama

We are the Loyal Fijian
Its not a name, its an identify, a place for news, views and some fun

Some much speculation, and rumours about our identity, is it him, we, he or she?
Its been there all along, just read under Who are we?

You will notice we are not publishing any names
LF High Command says we wont drop to your level, we wont be like you, be so hateful and lame

No copy and pasting paragraphs from Fijilive and Fijitimes online editions here
We publish our original thoughts without favour or fear

So this Christmas, sleep tight at Dilo Street
Santa Claus will be coming with a sackful of treats

Merry Christmas to Dan the Man
Let it be known Dan, we are not your foes but your fans

Merry Christmas to Bainivore, to you we say Ho Ho Ho
What a name, but hey you reap what you sow

Merry Christmas to FijianBlack
Kai, see you at Traps, lets down some Fiji Bitter, down the big dark neck

Merry Christmas to Keep the Faith
Lets have lunch, low fat, Im watching my weight

Thank you to one and all for your emails and feedback
We are glad that you enjoyed our work, even you at FICAC

Our poem on the lovely Lisa, the Admin Manager at FICAC sent the server into meltdown
Except from the Attorney General, who threatened to sue and chase us out of town

Isnt it amazing how we do this each time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme

Free Poets Society


9000 said...

Merry Christmas mate

Tui said...

Keep on keeping on LF

Only Me said...

Simply the best blog ever!!!

Long may u guys& girls blog

megat said...

  I think your blog is really interesting ... especially this post :)

Trevor said...

Only Fiji blog worth reading, I dont even bother with the lies and hate being peddled by Vilisi Naiduko , Waqavonovono and Co