Friday, July 27, 2007

Cowboy Major Moti Rattan's Northern Adventures

Loyal Fijian had reported on 8 July that the manner in which FICAC's Northern Division head honcho was going about hos business had really got the Babasiga people up in arms. Read the full article Here.

Major Moti (Cowboy) Rattan has been accused of harassing and intimidating people in his bid t come up with some major explosive corruption story to impress his FICAC bosses.

So much so, that the Divisional Medical Officer Northern, Dr Ami Chand, claims to have written to the President on 29 June, pleading with the authorities to rein in Cowboy Rattan and his deputies.

It doesnt help that Cowboy Rattan and his deputies are viewed by most Babasiga residents with suspicion and even disdain due to previous indiscretions.

That Divisional Medical Officer Northern, Dr Ami Chand would go to the extent of writing to the President seeking his intervention , reflects the frustration faced by civil servants in the North at the unprofessional manner in which FICAC are conducting themselves.

So, far Cowboy Rattan has 2 used single beds and a fridge donated by producers of Survivior to show for his efforts.



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