Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fiji Times: Spell Checker anyone

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Fiji Times online, (a Rupert Murdoch owned daily) published an article today (5 July 2007) with the heading "REVIEW SANCITONS BEDDOES PLEADS"

Being a person always eager to learn, I thought I might look up the dictionary to see what SANCITONS actually meant why the SANCITONS were causing Beddoes so much grief.

I tried the Oxford dictionary, no luck. Sanctions yes, SANICTONS Nope.

I tried Google, again no luck, no SANCITONS.

So Im reduced to pleading with the learned Fiji Times staff, can you please enlighten the LF as to what a SANCITON might be?



Jope said...


Keep it up LF

Flora said...


Love ur work

Virisila said...

Keep it coming LF........

My daily morning dose of reality and humour...luv it

Anonymous said...

What's new???? lol

Anonymous said...

hahaha you made a mistake yourself! Are you saying SANCITONS or SANICTONS

#FAIL #SpellCheckYourself