Monday, July 2, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: A Divided Judiciary :Justice Shameen v Justice Scott

The judiciary in Fiji has been deeply and bitterly divided since 2000. In 2000, when the Labour Govt was being held hostage,the then Chief Justice Timoci Tuivaga, Scott and Fatiaki drafted the decrees.

Another group made up of Bryne, Shameem and Gates were totally opposed to the judges assisting the military.Justice Shameem was especially bitter. The two sets of judges stopped talking to each other.

Between 2000 and 2006 the bitterness between the Judges flourished and intensified. When Tuivaqa retired, Daniel Fatiaki became CJ.

Daniel Fatiaki took his revenge against Justuce Byrnes by refusing to extend Bryne's contract. Bryne (who is now in his 70's) returned to Australia.

Scott became a resident Appeal Judge. Shameem challenged in the Court of Appeal Scott listening to appeals of her decisions. Shameem lost her challenge.

This feud is now being played out in the attempts by the pro-Fatiaki group to circulate a petition and re-instate Daniel Fatiaki.

Those who received "favors" form Fatiaki during his time are pushing for him to be re-appointed.




Simione said...

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Anonymous said...

Thats right.

Not like those HATERS publishing bomb making instructions.

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Leah said...

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Komaivasai said...

Yes, the divided judiciary is very evident.

Rajend Chaudhry is organising the forces against the petition.