Friday, July 13, 2007

Post Fiji GM Drives off with Vehicle

Post Fiji executive chairperson Fane Vosaniveibuli today made an astonishing disclosure by revealing that the previous managing director of Post Fiji had been given approval by the previous board to take a vehicle belonging to the organisation when he left the company.

The revelation came as Ms Vosaniveibuli came under renewed pressure from Mr Poseci Bune to explain why she had to authorise the purchase of a company vehicle for her use for $69,000.

Mr Bune demanded that Vosaniveibuli give him a "full explanation and at the same time to give her offer of resignation".

Ms Vosaniveibuli in a bid to explain her position made the disclosure that the previous GM had not only driven away with a vehicle that had been purchased by Post Fiji for official use but also been given APPROVAL by the previous board to do so.

Lets get this right:

An individual who was dismissed from his position simply drove out of Post Fiji with an official vehicle and is now the rightful owner of an asset that had been purchased with taxpayers money.

Wheeeeeeewwwwwwww..............Only in Fiji Kai, only in Fiji.............Oileeeiiiiiiii………….


Anonymous said...

Post Fiji is riddled with corruption.

Anonymous said...

How very irresponsible for Fane! This at a time when she was supposed to have gone in and cleaned up Post Fiji!

Well, now you can stay home and clean up your own backyard!

Anonymous said...

Yep looks like nobody will get away from the IG now. Wat a way to go...Thanks LF...