Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Assistant Commissioner of Police, Crime, Nasir Ali took favours from a businessman implicated in the multi-million dollar agriculture scam, a defence lawyer has alleged in the High Court, according to Fiji Times.

Lautoka lawyer Kevueli Tunidau made the allegation against Mr Nasir Ali. Mr Tunidau, alleged ACP Ali took favours from his client, businessman Pita Alfereti, who is charged with official corruption.

Mr Tunidau alleged ACP Ali, who, while suspended from duty from 2004 until early 2007, was still a police officer and had asked Alfereti to pay for his (ACP Ali's) dog's treatment.

ACP Nasir Ali is known to Fiji Islanders as the Anti-Corruption crusader as the former Chief Investigator in FICAC. In recent times, he has led very public raids into the offiices of PWD, FHL and FDB.

He also made the news for blocking his former superior in the Police Force, Sada Nand form travelling overseas alleging that he was subject to "investigations".

ACP Nasir Ali has also been telling us for the last 3 or so years that he has some solid evidence against people involved in the Agriculture SCAM.
Table the evidence, lay charges, what are you waiting for ???

While we wait and wait and wait for FICAC to lay some meaningful charges based their investigations, ACP Nasir Ali has embarked on a personal crusade in the Police Force.

It now appears, the accuser stands accused of what he has been accusing a lot of people OF...CORRUPTION.



Tui said...

Nasir Ali just struck it lucky as Chaudhry needed a hatchet man and he was bitter and available

Arvin said...

Damn right.......where is the evidence?

If u have it, lay charges or just confess that u have been lying!

Anonymous said...

Evidence? NLTB's abuse is a start.