Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NZ tourists ignore HATE blogs death threats

A New Zealand poll has found that calls for New Zealanders to boycott Fiji as a holiday destination seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

A poll has found that "nearly 60 per cent of people say it is okay for New Zealanders to go to Fiji as tourists despite the military coup. "

Readers will recall that two blogs who are known for promoting violence and publishing instructions on making bombs which can be used against innocents including tourists coming to Fiji, had tried their best to damage Fijis tourism industry.

The HATE blogs (WFC and Hide and Seek) call for attacks on tourists coming to Fiji and attacks on tourist buses and bures with petrol bombs and attacks to cripple Fijis economy, has thankfully not had any impact.

The thousands of Fijians who survive on the tourist dollar will breathe a sigh of relief that they will be able to feed their families and pay their children's school fees despite the efforts of the HATE blogs calling for violence against innocent tourists.

Last week, Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism Association president Dixon Seeto had established that visitor arrivals to Fiji from New Zealand was holding up quite well, Dixon had said that in terms of performance by market, New Zealand was one of the better performing ones.



Samu said...

The HATE blogs will be taken care of, not by the military or anyone but ordinary Fijiasn who have had enough of this rubbish..

Anonymous said...

QAttack tourists and hurt Fijians..........who do they think they are fooling?