Sunday, July 8, 2007

FICAC investigations to take years

The new Deputy FICAC head honcho, Lt Col Wesley Langman is trying to tell us that it will take years to reveal the results from the investigations.

It sure seems to me someone is trying to dampen the expectations of the Fiji public of what the FICAC will achieve.

FICAC surely gets in the news doesnt it? Sup Nasir Ali doesnt miss an opportunity to pose for the news cameras.

They seem to be getting around, thats for sure. From raiding the Commissioner Northerns Office to raiding the FHL offices.

I got an email from a reader in the North about the cowboy FICAC have engaged to lead their investigations in the North. Shefiff Major Moti Jattan has made 2 major EXPOSURES over the last few weeks.

Firts here was the the corruption in the Labasa Old Peoples Home where used and worn out beds and fridges donated by the producers of the Survivor series were allegedly unaccounted for.

Then came the allegations of corruption in the Commissioner Northerns Office. Major Moti Jattan surely has things covered in the North, doesn't he?

Who are we kidding?

Dont get me wrong. Corruption is corruption whether its in the millions or involves second hand single beds that somebody just wanted to get rid of.

But, what about the 370 files we have been hearing of?

What about the corruption in the Public Works Department where you launched a major raid (after informing the media and making sure to pose for a photograph). What about the $100 m lost from the Fijian economy due to corruption??

So you got some poor employees at the Labasa Old Peoples Home who are more or less volunteers anyway? Well done, that will surely make a huge difference in our National Budget.

Lets get to some real work now boys.

You've talked the talk now Walk the Walk.

Your failure to produce hard evidence is only playing into the hands of the detractors.

You are doing no one any favors, least of all to yourselves.



Anonymous said...

Cowboy sure looks very official like ....hahahhah

Aarvin said...

FICAC is just a witch hunt, thats all........

Anonymous said...

Hey LF - How about some story on that hypocrite the biggest hypocrite in Fiji MC