Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If I cant travel, neither can you!

Is this what we have come to now?

Stopping people form travelling overseas, for no reason other than the fact that they may have a different opinion to certain IG officials or may disagree with certain things going on in Fiji.

Shamima Ali and Graham Leung were stopped from travelling to their intended destinations because their names are allegedly on some obscure-shrouded in secrecy-watchlist.

It just doesn't make any sense?

There is nothing new that Mr Leung could tell the NZ media or the NZ Government. Helen Clarke and Winston Peters don't need anymore convincing that the regime in Fiji is losing the plot………..the IG did that by expelling their High Commissioner remember………

No, there is no rational reason behind barring two law abiding individuals form leaving the country on personal business. None.

There are no outstanding warrants against either of them, they are not suspects in any ongoing investigations…….then why deny them their constitutional right to travel, when and where they please?
This action is spiteful and reeks of petty jealousy.

Certain IG officials whose visa was recently rejected by the NZ authorities must get some sort of bizarre satisfaction out of such stunts…. If I cant go, neither can you……….

Or did Mr Leung in his position as former President of the Fiji Law Society, ruffle the feathers of certain a member (and his cronies) who are increasingly gaining a reputation for using the mechanisms of Government to settle personal and petty scores, not to mention get appointments to Government owned statutory bodies.



Ali said...

Thats right, its just jealousy.

At least they had the good sense t reverse their decision.

Anonymous said...

Those 2 are involved in destabilising the Govt.

Thy need to stay in Fiji and not try and run away....

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around...we want to move forward whether this regime is legal or illegal. So please just shut your mouth and don't shout. Leung the more you shout the more we ordinary people suffer. So just Shut up.

Anonymous said...

well said LF. the actions of the IG in this respect is a dilution of the powers of the judiciary and the constitution.