Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Paedophiles Come Calling

At what point do you as a nation know that things have gone terribly wrong?

Uemployment? Yes, but we are not alone with joblessness.

Poverty? Absolutely, by some estimates as many as 40% of our population live below the poverty line. Bear in mind that Governments use very "convenient" measures in measuring poverty. Able to afford a loaf of bread and a cup of tea in a day and you are not living in poverty.

Crime? We are in dire straits, but we always point to PNG, who seem to be worse

The Paedophiles Come Calling.

Thats when.

Fiji has seen as alarming increase in the number of young lives spent crawling the pavements of our big cities and towns.

Take a walk through Suva and you will see these "street kids" begging trying to survive. We walk past then everyday without batting an eyelid. The woman with her 3 kids, the youngest no older than a few months old who has to spend entire days sitting outside the offices.

Painful to see, isnt it?

But it gets worse.

News that a 11 yr old Fijian girl was taken to Thailand, and was found wandering the streets after years of abuse is shocking.

Evidence that Fiji is now high on the paedophile radar. The paedophiles are very well organised and run networks where they exchange information on easy targets.

Fiji is emerging as an easy target.

The Irish national who was arrested and found with pornographic material is another indication of the influx of paedophiles into our country. He didnt just arrive here on a random holiday with camcorders, DVD burners and media editing software.

No, he knew exactly what he wanted and where he would get it. In Fiji.

And dont be mistaken. These guys are university lecturers or work as consultants in FIRCA, as previous experience has shown.

What is the Fiji Govt doing about the young girl found in Thailand? No a peep from the authorities.

How did she get there? Who applied for her passport?

An eleven yr old girl cant go alone. Its a very well organised network feeding on our most vulnerable.

The situation in Suva is shocking beyond words.


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