Saturday, January 5, 2008


Well folks, its been a long time coming.

After the grand announcement some 4 months ago of an impending Cabinet re-shuffle, of the imbecile Anendra Prasad claiming to have been offered a Ministership and of intense speculation of who's going and who's has happened.


Another very important development, FELIPE BOLE IS IN.

This may turn out to be a very crucial day in Fijian history.

Loyal has previously reported on the intense power struggle in the Interim Cabinet between MPC and Poseci Bune, a struggle to the political death. Also read here

MPC has prevailed and PB is gone.

Heres how it happened,

After Bainimarama was coerced into making an anoouncement of a Cabinet Reshuffle, PB played his last remaining card.

He went to the MILITARY COUNCIL. There are still some on the Military Council who were inclined to give PB another go, after all he had served them well post 1987.

And so folks, the Military Council forced Bainimaramas's hand, Bainimarama put off the announcement of a Cabinet reshuffle, the media release which had been drafted and ready for release was stopped.

In the past few months, there has been intense lobbying in the background and MPC prevailed. How?

The 2008 National Budget. Yes. folks ,MPC delivered a budget that even his detractors were forced to acknowledge was a step in the right direction.

The Military Council realised that MPC was much greater value than PB, who lets face it, only entered Parliament last time on a FLP bankrolled and engineered campaign in a safe seat.



Anonymous said...

Opportunists are now discarded by chaudary.Phase ne of settling in is completed.Now only the hard core coup planners (power players) are left.Phase two is underway...up to 2009.Consolidating the power base and false promise on election etc. Phase III will be 200 onwards...long term dictaorship for life to protect there the name of multiracialism, anti-corruption,

Anonymous said...

Have hope. Dictators and law breakers will have their day of reckoning.God is alive, He has a plan to give us a future full of hope. As Jeremiah has said:"When you look to me you'll find me...I will gather you together and bring you back..."